Senior moving guide for grandparents and their grandkids

Senior moving guide

When you come to a certain age you naturally start thinking about moving. Maybe you were always planning on moving somewhere warmer when you grow old. Or maybe, you just want to relocate to a smaller space so you can save some money and travel. Or, you were living in New York and now is time to go somewhere a little bit less crowded. There are so many reasons for moving and when you think about all the things you need to do just to start the process of moving you feel overwhelmed. That is why we have prepared this senior moving guide, so you can move with ease. We are gonna take you through all the steps, and for example, we are gonna talk about moving to New Jersey since that is the city where a lot of retired people choose to live.

First steps in your senior moving guide

Before you start packing, you will have to choose a place where you will live from now on. Will it be a retirement home, will you find some house or apartment just for yourself or you will move in with family. Before any definitive steps, there are some things that you need to check first. You need to talk to your doctors, check with them your health status and advise with them is there some other doctor that they can refer you to. Also, you will need to check with your insurance, do you need to fill out any extra forms or anything. And, you will need to calculate how much will it cost for you to move. Those are some steps that you need to take and after this, you can start packing up your home slowly with the help of this senior moving guide.

Packing your home

When you decide to move, you will need to start sorting out your belongings. Through time, there is probably so many of them and you will need to decide which ones you will bring to your new home, which ones you will throw away. Of course, you will probably want to keep some since they have sentimental value. So, if you need additional space for your belongings you can always rent a storage unit and keep your stuff there. You can save the little memories that you cherish but you just don’t have enough space in your new home.

Saving memories in a treasure box

Saving memories

The easiest way to start this whole process of packing is dividing it into smaller tasks. You can start with one closet then just move on to the next one, go through all of your papers etc. It sounds silly, but when you break this big and important task into a smaller one, it will not make you anxious and you won’t feel overwhelmed. It can be a fun journey down the memory lane.

Tips and tricks for packing

Packing up with the help of moving company

Packing up

When you start packing, there are some tips and tricks that can help you do it more easily:

  • Pack a box that you will label “Open First”. There you can pack some things that you will need when you arrive at your new place. For example, you can pack bedding, soap, meds etc
  • Keep in mind the weight of your boxes. Combine items so you can avoid having boxes that are too heavy.
  • Labeling! Label every box very clear, so it will be easy to unpack.
  • Use good, strong and reliable boxes. Try to protect all of your fragile items so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you think that you can’t handle this on your own, you can always ask for help. Don’t push yourself over your limits, since your health is the most important part. And the moving itself is very stressful.

Moving cost

You probably talked with your family and friends should you hire professional movers or should you do it on your own. Opinions are divided, and you need to calculate all the costs. Moving on your own might be cheaper, but it will be much harder and there is always a possibility that something will go wrong. If you want to move with ease you will need New Jersey moving services to assist you through this process. It is much easier to hire a moving company since they are doing that every day and they have much-needed experience in moving. And, the most important thing, when it comes down to: “Will I save money if I hire them?” you probably will. But, besides money, you will save your health and it will be stress-free. That is also, one of the main reasons why we created this senior moving guide for you.

Calculating moving cost in senior moving guide

Calculating moving cost

Moving day

So, the day has come. You are moving to your new home and you are waiting for the moving company. If you followed our tips in this senior moving guide, you probably have made the job for your movers much easier. They will pack up everything much faster and they will unpack the whole truck much faster as well. Try to think about the positive sides of moving since this day will probably be hard for you. You are leaving your home and a lot of memories behind you and starting a new chapter of your life.

Adjusting to a new home

Once you arrive, unpack that “first open” box and try to relax. Rest, get to know your neighbors and start unpacking slowly. The good side of New Jersey is that you have so many fun things to do where you can meet new friends. You can go to a supper club, craft club and play bingo. Also, there are so many trips for seniors in New Jersey. If you feel a little bit more adventurous, you can go for a ride in a hot balloon. Or even you can learn to scuba dive. It is all up to you and your wishes. After all, you moved so you can enjoy and spend a little bit more money on fun stuff. And of course, you can organize a housewarming party and enjoy the new chapter in your life that is just starting!

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