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Ideas for a spare room in your home

Having a spare room is great, it gives you the opportunity to do something you have always dreamed of. But what if you never thought about what would you do with a spare room in your home? There are so many options. The possibilities seem endless if you are willing to spend some amount of money in order to have a unique room in your home. We will give you a few ideas for a spare room that will make you glad you have this opportunity.

Small spare room ideas

Small rooms can be as useful as big ones. Maybe even better as you wouldn’t need as much money to make it just as you’d like it to be. A good idea for a small spare room is making it into a playroom if you have children. Children can sometimes have a hard time adjusting to a new place and moving with them can be stressful. For both you and them. There are some things you should know before moving with children. Making a special room just for them will make them happy. Doing this will assure you that their room will always be tidy as they will be making a mess in the other room.

If anyone from your family plays an instrument, a great way to motivate them is to dedicate this room to just that. Soundproof it a bit and it’s done. But if you want to make this room useful for the whole household, put up some shelves and hooks and make it into a storage area if you don’t have one already.

Another great idea for a small room is to make it your pets room. Let’s say you have a cat. Cats need places where they can climb and play. If you have a dog, put some plastic grass on the floor, a dog house, his toys, and bowls for eating and water and this can be a place for him to be in when you are not at home.

spare room for your dog.

Make a room for your pet.

If none of these ideas work for you, don’t worry, there is more

A small spare room makes a great office. This way you will create a small distance of being at home and doing some work. This is a great idea for artistic people such as:

  • photographers
  • painters
  • writers
  • editors.

These professions require working privately with a lot of focus. Playing video games in a separate room is awesome. Put some lazy bags, a tv on the wall and a small table, and you’ve got yourself a mini-game room. But if you are someone who prefers to read, a cozy reading room is all you need.  A nice bookshelf and a cozy armchair are all you need. Add bright light and a few candles and you are good to go.

spare room idea - woman reading tablet

Reading rooms are perfect for bookworms.

Big spare room ideas

All of the suggestions above work great for bigger rooms too. But bigger rooms give more opportunities. You can make the classic move and turn it into a guestroom. Since you came here for ideas we’re sure that’s your last option. But have you thought about a walk-in closet? There is not a person on this planet that wouldn’t want it. It’s great because by turning your spare room into a closet you are making more free space in your bedroom or where ever you planned to put your closet.

During the moving process, this room will come in handy. If you are moving overseas, we recommend moving with a universal storage container. In this room, you could put all the things you don’t know what to do with yet. There are more important rooms in the house that don’t have to be filled with boxes.

Another great idea for a spare room is to turn it into a glass room

Yes, it does cost a lot of money. But imagine having a room with a lot of natural light, beautiful plants. A room where you could lounge around when the weather isn’t nice. Sounds like a dream come true! If you have a house with a garden, this room can be used as a home gym. For starters, buy a treadmill, it’s something everyone needs. Later you can add on other equipment until you have everything you need.

So you are someone who tends to have friends around all the time? Having a pool table is a great way to keep your friends entertained. Put a mini bar in the corner of the room and a few speakers and you’ve got the best place to spend the weekends with your friends. Everyone will want to be your friend! And if you are more laid back, turn the room into a mini cinema.

white ball for pool

Having a pool table is a lot of fun for large group friends.

What if you want this room to be more useful?

To be honest, something everyone always needs is an extra bathroom. Especially if you have a big family. An extra bathroom will make your life much easier. Another useful idea is to connect it to another room. For example, if this spare room we are talking about is next to the kids’ bedroom, just connect them and get a much bigger room. You can never go wrong with big bedrooms.

If you are still not sure about what to do with a spare room in your home, leave it alone. Good ideas need time. Let it sit like that for a while and at some point, you will figure out the best solution for it. Moving requires a lot of money and it’s really stressful, the last thing you need is to worry about an extra room in your new home.

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