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Tips and tricks on how to live in Hollywood on a budget

When you decide to move to Hollywood and you are on a tight budget there are some things that you should know. Hollywood is not cheap, but there are ways to live there and not be spending a fortune every day. Living in Hollywood can be challenging and when you want to live in Hollywood on a budget then it can be even a bigger challenge. You can make it, there are ways. The first thing you need to do is to find an affordable place to live. Of course, you shouldn’t make any compromises and live wherever, you won’t believe what people are trying to sublet. So, you have to prepare yourself and try to find a decent apartment that doesn’t cost much.

Los Angeles at night

LA is a big city where a lot of people come to try their luck

Live in Hollywood on a budget

When you see all those movies filmed in LA, and you see all those actors all pretty and happy you think that maybe you can have that life in Hollywood that they have. Maybe you should try your luck in Hollywood and more there. You can enjoy Hollywood and still be on a budget. Not everything there costs a fortune. Even though, you have to keep in mind all the time that prices are higher for almost everything. You just have to have the right information so that you can make it work.

Live in Hollywood on a budget and think bout the future

Hollywood can be fun even if you are on a tight budget

For example, you won’t be buying your clothes in some boutiques that a famous actor would, you will find cheaper stores and there, in those stores, you will be able to find clothes just as good, but cheaper. Nobody needs to know. If anyone asks, and you feel like telling them it’s Gucci or whatever, just say it. It’s not like you should care.

Free fun in Hollywood

Some people would say that there are no free things in Hollywood, but there are. You can have a lot of fun by spending very little or no money at all. One thing that you can do to pass time is to visit Hollywood museums. You can have so much fun there. Make some pictures with wax figures of so many famous people. One day maybe you will have your own figure in that famous museum, but for now, go ahead and enjoy it.

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Try and live your best life in the great Hollywood

Next thing to do is to check out the Farmer’s markets. There are a couple of those markets in LA so you can go and spend some time there. You won’t be sorry. You can buy so many great products at great prices. Once you buy them you can head back to your apartment and make a healthy meal.  Another thing that you can do if you don’t feel like cooking check online some restaurants with reasonable prices. Everything is available online so you won’t have any problem finding a good and not overpriced restaurant.

Nightlife in Hollywood

Los Angeles can show you some good time. However, when you live in Hollywood on a budget nightlife can be a little bit different depending on what you like. Clubs are very expensive, the reasons are that there are so many rich people living in LA and so many tourists. Therefore, prices are arranged accordingly. This doesn’t mean that you cannot go out on a Saturday night. Check out:

  • Room 5 Lounge
  • The Roxy
  • Barney’s Beanery – The original
  • The Satellite

These are some of the places that you can check out. They are all different, so depending on your taste pick one and enjoy your night by a reasonable price.

What else

When you start to live in Hollywood on a budget, a very important thing is not to act as a tourist. You live here now and since you have to check your budget you cannot afford to act as a tourist. In a couple of the first days there, make sure to create an expense plan. See how much of your current money will go on the bills and rent and just then start thinking about the things we mentioned so far, such as nightlife, going out to eat at restaurants and etc.

Speaking of eating at restaurants, this can be pretty unnecessary when you are on a budget. It is perfectly ok to go out and eat here and there, but this shouldn’t be a practice. It is way cheaper to make your own meals for now. Also, when we say do not act as a tourist it simply means that you cannot be carried away with the shiny Hollywood. There will be so many expensive and attractive things that you can do, but you have to stay strong and not give in.

Think of the future

Once in Hollywood, you should relax. You cannot only think about how to save money. You should enjoy as well. Loving and feeling good in Hollywood is not hard, saving money while living there is. When you think how hard is for you not to give in and spend all of your savings in some great restaurant, boutique or a club just stop for a second and think about the future. It seems bright and all of this has a lot of sense. So, do not despair and just keep thinking of all of the great things that you can do in Hollywood and they don’t cost so much money.

Living in Hollywood is great. You may fall in love in Hollywood from the first step you make there. When you live in Hollywood on a budget you can still love it as much as anyone else. Enjoy Hollywood life, even if for now you cannot spend as much as you would like, don’t let a little thing like a tight budget stop you from having fun.

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