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Tips for moving from California to Illinois this spring

If you are worried about potential problems when moving from California to Illinois this spring, we are here to make it a bit easier. Before we start sharing tips and tricks with you we just wanted to tell you that you chose the best season to move. Every season has its challenges obviously but spring is by far the easiest one. There are no icy roads or heat waves. The temperature is mild and people are in good spirits. This is a great way to start your new life in Illinois.

The one downside of moving during the spring

We are not the only ones who think that spring is the ideal season for this endeavor. If you ask movers about their busiest season, they will all tell you it’s spring. This is also the busiest season in real estate. This is when people buy the most. You should schedule your movers and any necessary moving equipment far in advance if you’re planning a spring move. In addition to reducing the overall expense of relocating, this will help you out as well.

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Nevertheless, we still think that spring is the best season for you to move from California to Illinois.

Start the process of moving from California to Illinois this spring by cleaning

Ready to list your house for sale before you move? Keep in mind that, while trying to sell a home, initial impressions are crucial. Since the property market is typically oversaturated in the spring, your images will need to stand out from the competition. A thorough spring cleaning is essential before advertising your home for sale and photographs are taken. This is advisable even if you are not selling your old home. Decluttering will make the process of packing much easier. It will also make unpacking later on easier and that is why we are suggesting it as the best way to start preparing for your upcoming relocation.

Yard sale

The spring season is an excellent time to clean the house and get rid of unused or unwanted items like old silver cutlery you no longer want. When spring arrives, people are more likely to spend time outside, making it an ideal time to hold a yard sale. You are considerably more likely to see friends and neighbors out and about in the fresh air on a weekend in the spring due to the pleasant temperatures and plentiful sunshine. Donating to charity now is also a good idea because people will soon be in need of warm-weather supplies.

doing a yard sale before moving from California to Illinois
Yard sales are making a comeback.

For those with pollen allergies

Pollen and the severe allergies it can cause are a huge problem for those who move in the spring. Take allergy medicine on a moving day if you’re experiencing bothersome spring allergies. On an otherwise difficult day, this will relieve you of some anxiety. Also, take extra care to secure and safeguard your items so that pollen doesn’t spread throughout your shipment. Since pollen levels are often highest in the mornings, those who suffer from allergies should consider moving in the middle of the day if at all possible.

Hiring professional movers when moving from California to Illinois this spring

Moving might be a stressful experience for the average person, but for a professional moving company, it’s all in a day’s job. A professional moving company can transport your possessions from one location to another without putting undue strain on you or your health. Hiring expert movers is essential for a smooth relocation, regardless matter whether you are packing a little apartment or a large mansion.

You can pick from a wide variety of movers, however, we suggest that you check out and see what advice they have to offer before you make any decisions.

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The best way to handle this like a pro.

The best tip we have for you today

It makes sense to pack and label your belongings according to the rooms in your new home. A vegetable peeler, for example, could be in any of the 7 kitchen boxes that you packed, and you wouldn’t know it until you needed it. Making a spreadsheet that specifies what goes in each box can help you avoid this issue. Right, because who has got the time?

When relocating, it is simplest to keep track of what goes into each box by photographing the contents on your mobile device or tablet beforehand. For this to work, give the picture and the moving box the same name, such as “kitchen box No. 2,” so that you can always find what you need quickly.

An app like Sortly, which helps you organize your move, is another option. You can use pictures and QR code labels to keep track of what’s inside each box. Scan the latter with your smart device, and the app will show you images of what’s inside the box. Our expert guide is here to help you. We have another very useful tip.

Organizing small stuff is a challenge even for experienced people

Utilize Ziplock bags to hide your contents in plain sight. You can use them later to keep little items neat and tidy after the transfer as well as while packaging fragile items like documents, wires, and furniture screws. The key to the success of this concept lies in the titling. You can organize cables and other small parts by device and store them in bags with descriptive labels.

Before we go some additional tips and reminders

  • if you find packing to be harder than you expected you can always hire movers to also do the packing for you (they will even bring their own packing materials)
  • Make sure to notify everyone who needs to know that you are moving from California to Illinois this spring
  • Think about utilities in your new home in advance and schedule everything
  • pack separately one bag where you will keep everything you need for a day or two and things that you need closeby like charger, wallet, meds, and such
  • the faster you unpack the faster you will be able to start exploring your new home, neighborhood, and city but if you are too tired to do it you can always hire local movers to help you with settling in.

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