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Top 10 restaurants in Hollywood

Everyone has heard of Hollywood. It’s the center of the movie industry and home to many celebrities. Every day tourists from all over the world Hollywood for a stroll down the Walk of Fame. And they all hope to get a taste of that glamorous life. However, Hollywood is not just a place where movies get made and movie stars live. Here you can find some of the nation’s best restaurants. The chefs find imaginative ways to combine new with the old to getinnovative flavors. So, if you are a foodie and looking for a new home, consider moving to Hollywood. Here are the top 10 restaurants in Hollywood to help you with this decision.

Top 10 restaurants in Hollywood

Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant

Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant is a meat haven on Sunset Boulevard. If you are exploring California as a foodie, include this restaurant on your list for a unique experience. Gwen’s has its own in-house butcher shop with an open floor plan. When you come in you can see fresh meat as it’s prepared for the kitchen. However, an open butcher shop is not the only spectacle in this restaurant. In the open kitchen, you can spot chefs preparing five-course tasting menus. Some items on the menu are cooked over an open flame. This gives the room a wonderfully smoky smell that adds extra anticipation.

fresh steak with green herbs

At Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant you can see fresh meat as it’s being prepared.


If you are a fan of seafood, this is the place for you. Chef Michael Cimarusti uses the freshest seafood of the highest quality in his kitchen. The love he puts into his dishes is obvious in every bite. This makes Providence one of the top 10 restaurants in Hollywood. Also, make sure to leave room for dessert. Desserts here live up to everything you ever dreamed of.

Musso & Frank Grill

Musso & Frank Grill has been around since the era of silent films. While many newer establishments attempt to recreate old Hollywood glamour, Musso & Frank actually embodies it. It was opened in 1919 on the Hollywood Boulevard. Once you go in you’ll see the wood-paneled, leather booth–lined restaurant that will remind you of the good old days. That is why Musso & Frank grill is one of the places to visit after moving to Hollywood. The lobster and a variety of steaks and chops are standard menu items. However, you can always order something from the throw-back menu. For example, you can order grilled lamb kidneys with bacon, calf’s liver steak or a smoked tongue sandwich. This will take you back in time, even if it’s just for a short while.

Martini in of the top 10 restaurants in Hollywood.

Having a martini at Frank & Musso Grill is a must!


Papilles is a small restaurant in a storefront inside a strip mall near the 101 Freeway. But don’t let that fool you. Chef Jordan Rosas prepares locally sourced ingredients in an open kitchen. The menu and the restaurant itself have the bistro feel. Small and simple, yet refined and thoughtful. Also, the menu changes weekly. So whenever you come, there will always be some new item to try.


Paley is the shiny restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard in the new Columbus Square complex. It successfully captures the spirit of old Hollywood without actually being old. While Paley has the traditional menu format, some of the items are quite modern. For example, try hamachi crudo starter or Santa Barbara uni spaghetti with saffron and chives. The midcentury-inspired dining room and serious service are what makes Paley one of the top 10 restaurants in Hollywood. Additionally, Paley can be both a casual spot to meet for drinks and a special-occasion destination.

25 Degrees

25 Degrees is a 24-hour elegant dinner in the heart of Hollywood. Located at the center of all nightlife action, it’s the perfect spot for having a burger after a night out. What makes 25 Degrees special is that you can make your own burger here. Choose from a variety of cheeses, extras, and sauces to create a perfect burger just for you. Does any of this make you want to move to Hollywood? To do so, you need a quote for your move and you’re ready to relocate to Hollywood. If you’re lucky you’ll even meet a celebrity when you’re out for a late night snack.


Make your own burger at the exquisite 25 Burgers!

Beauty & Essex

Beauty & Essex is a New York import that made some noise even before it opened in Los Angeles. That buzz has gotten even bigger after Beyonce was photographed dining there just before her twins were born. Chef Chris Santos’s menu is impossibly modern. It features items like the delicious Tuna Poke Wonton Tacos. Also, the “Jewels on Toast” section goes far beyond just having avocado toast. The menu has a selection of shareable dishes which makes it a good option for a date night.


This is a stylish Japanese spot visited by the see-and-be-seen crowd. Like many other restaurants, Ketsuya has some dishes named after celebrities. Maybe the most famous one is named after the superstar basketball player James LeBron. If it’s not the most famous, it’s definitely the tastiest. However, having dishes named after celebrities is not what makes Katsuya one of the 10 restaurants in Hollywood. The luxury of this place is balanced with philanthropy. Parent company SBE donates $1 from every roll sold to the Lebron James Family Foundation.

The Hungry Cat

This restaurant’s clever name is a direct pointer to its main offer. The Hungry Cat serves exceptionally fresh seafood accompanied by a solid wine list. This restaurant is located at the heart of Hollywood, just a short walk from ArcLight Cinemas. Because of this, The Hungry Cat is an ideal pre-movie dinner place. So, if you love seafood, try different platters of shellfish such as clams, marinated mussels, shrimp and snow crab. Additionally, dishes like the whole grilled orata with sunchoke purée, chanterelles and salsa verde are easily the best in town.

Petit Trois

Any top 10 restaurants in Hollywood list wouldn’t be complete without traditional French food. When it comes to the French cuisine, Petit Trois is the place to choose. This is a traditional French bistro with just as traditional dishes. For example, don’t miss Petit Trois’s escargot, steak tartare, a croque madame, and steak frites. While it may seem simple and unexciting, Ludo Lefebvre’s cooking is everything but ordinary. His touch added to the classic dishes is what makes this place special.

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