Street in California that makes you need a Washington family's guide to moving to California

Washington family’s guide to moving to California with ease

The unique terrain, culture, and weather of California make it an appealing site for many Washington families. The state has a great economy, a lively nightlife scene, and a plethora of national parks to pick from. If you’re ready to pack your bags and relocate to California, there are some things that you should know. That is why we prepared this Washington family’s guide to moving to California with ease!

Packing & Moving to California

When moving to a hot place like California, you probably won’t need those winter coats and thick sweaters. You probably won’t need any winter equipment, so you can sell it or donate it. When packing, make sure to be systematic. If you’re hiring movers, it’s a good idea to label each box with a piece of tape indicating which room it belongs in. This is something you should do with the furnishings as well. Then, at your new apartment, label each room with the exact room name so that the movers can put everything in its proper spot. Also, don’t forget to read the moving contract, that way you will know what exactly your mover will do. Some movers will also offer packing services!

Golden Gate Bridge is in every Washington family's guide to moving to California
Moving to California will require packing, and you must pack smartly!

Choosing a moving company

Before you hire movers, you should do some research. That way you will know that you hire a reputable company that won’t scam you or put your possessions in any kind of danger. There are many great moving companies, like, out there. For example, if you are moving from Olympia to Los Angeles, you will need to travel by car for a long time, but if you hire a reputable mover, they will do the driving for you and you can take a plane! That way your kids won’t get fussy or too tired from the trip. This is probably the most important part of our Washington family’s guide to moving to California with ease.

Moving day

Keep in mind that you will have neighbors in both locations, so be kind on moving day. Don’t throw garbage about, don’t obstruct parking spots, and whatever you do, don’t bang around late at night trying to move a lot of items. Make your moves throughout the day while no one is around. Moving day can be stressful, and it comes with a bunch of challenges when moving from Washington to California. But it’s nothing scary if you properly prepare and be ready.

Sunset in Los Angeles
Think about your neighbors on moving day, do it during the day and be respectful!

What to do with appliances when moving to California

If you plan on moving your fridge or other big appliances with you to California, it will probably be impossible to do it on your own. It can be quite a challenging task, especially for a long move from Washington to California. Movers will help make the process simple and move those heavy, clunky appliances for you. That way you will be able to move with ease.

In conclusion

There are many things to consider when you are organizing a move, but with proper help, it will be much easier. That is why we prepared this Washington family’s guide to moving to California with ease! It should help you out and make you and your family have a stress-free move!

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