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Ways to boost your California house value

There are so many ways to boost your California house value. It’s important to know that every house in California has a lot of value. This is a high in demand place and because of that prices of real estate are pretty high. If you plan to sell your California property we will try to help you out by showing you some cool tricks to increase the value. Some of them will cost a lot and some will be quite inexpensive. That way you can see and calculate what will work best for you.


Some experts claim that full decluttering ( of a whole house ) should be done at least once a year. That way you will avoid the build-up of unnecessary items that is almost unavoidable. Most of us forget to do that once a year and we collect way too many items that we don’t even like anymore. If you plan to sell your house furnished you should do a full decluttering. Get rid of everything that looks bad, doesn’t work, etc. You don’t want your place to look overcrowded. Stick to the minimalistic approach. Losing a few chunky items will actually make your home bigger, nicer and by the extent, its value will increase. You can even earn some money selling online the old furniture and such. It’s a win-win combination, all you need is some patience and time to do so but it will be worth it.

Various items in a plastic container as decluttering is one of the ways to boost your California house value.
Get rid of the clutter to make the house look better.

Home staging

Home staging is a very common and popular practice nowadays. That can be a great way to increase your California house value if you are selling an empty place. Home staging is used to show the potential buyers the possibilities of the home. Renting furniture can be expensive especially if it takes you months and months to sell the house but it will increase the value. When the time comes to move the furniture remember that assistance is always available in this area! Professional movers will make sure that it’s done quickly and properly. Every effort that you put into your old home will increase its value. Even small efforts can be meaningful.

Give your place a fresher look

Since we are talking about small efforts. Repainting your home is something you can do on your own in a few days and it will give a home a fresh and clean look. Call professionals to deep clean the place. Carpets usually need it the most. Lose the thick drapes. You want to get as much sun as possible so that potential buyers can see the place in the best possible light. Invest in some nice home scents. Make sure that you have all the same light bulbs in the house. Good light can make all the difference. All those things are pretty inexpensive but they will surely increase your California house value. If you have the time – do it.

If you are painting the place, stick to the white color. Classic is always the best and the house will look clean.

Hire a real estate agent

This will not boost the value of your house but hiring a real estate agent will help you get the asking price and they can sell the place more quickly. Many people try to do it on their own, and sure you can too. There are websites dedicated to helping you with this. The most popular one is Zillow. But hiring a real estate agent will give you better results especially if you are in a hurry. Think about it and consider this possibility.

Do the basic repairs

Make a list of everything that needs fixing around the house and hire a contractor to tell you what else is needed. The older the house is the more repairs it will require. But every little repair will increase the value of your house. If some big things are needed like fixing the roof, plumbing and similar your house will be labeled as “fixer-upper”. That will lower the value significantly so you definitely need to avoid that. The contractor will, after the inspection, tell you everything that needs to be done. You will also get an estimate so you will know how to plan your budget and what is worth it and what’s not. This all depends a lot on the state of the house.

Full remodeling

In some cases, full remodeling is the only way to increase the value. Sometimes that’s the only way. That takes both time and money. If you need to relocate all your belongings for remodeling make sure to call to help you with this task. They can also help you with relocation if needed. The best time to do the remodeling is during the spring usually. Consider all suggestions you get from the contractor and work with experts to see what will be worth it and what will really increase your California house value and what won’t. The name of the game usually is selling the place so you need to calculate it carefully.

You will get an estimate from a contractor so you can plan this.

The garden

If you have a backyard or a garden showing it some love will make a much better impression of the house witch will of course boost the value of the house. If you don’t have the time to do it, hiring a gardener will do the job but if you have the time doing some work on your own can really save you some money. Include some cool storage solutions like a bench with storage inside for ugly garden tools will give it a wow factor. We already mentioned this but the more you give this house, the more it will give back. Good luck with your upcoming project. Don’t forget to have fun doing the work. Maybe it will be fun to include some friends and family to help you out if they are willing.

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