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What to pack last when moving?

Although moving is a time-consuming process, the most complex task is usually tied to packing. Let’s face it, there are a lot of things that have to relocate for you to make yourself a new home in a new location. So, packing your belongings for safe travel is critical. Planning the packing process for its smooth execution is important. Also, learning what to pack last when moving and how to pack in addition to taking care of loved ones is something you should get a hang of.

What to pack last?

Packing is a very time-consuming process that takes a lot of preparation and organization. Sorting through your belongings and decluttering takes hours if not days to complete. It also demands a considerable financial expense when buying packing supplies. Packing your belongings and getting sensitive items protected properly is crucial. You also have to consider the items you are packing.

Something you rarely use can be packed on the bottom and out of reach. Some items that you might need during the move or unpacking you can pack within reach and are easy to use. So, in addition to packing the items securely you also have to organize your stuff conveniently.

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Make sure you protect your delicate items but keep in mind to pack the essentials last

With this in mind, we can clearly say what to pack last when moving:

  • Documents
  • Medicines
  • Tools and chargers
  • Other items (toys, cleaning, bedding…)


Documents are some of the things you will need close by during the move. So, pack them last and put them in your essentials bag. These are ID, driver’s licenses, and lease contracts. Also, make sure you have your inventory list, map to your new home, and the address book handy on moving day. You can leave other items for professional packers to handle but take care of the documents yourself.


Also, make sure to have a first aid kit close by. It should include pain and stress relieving medication as well as any medicines that you use regularly and might need on short notice. You never know what can happen during the move, so be prepared. Also, make sure that you have all of the hygiene products with you, so pack them last.

Other items

To make your moving day easier and make it a stress-free experience, you can add additional items to your essentials bag that you will pack last. Make sure to have comforters, bedding, cleaning materials, and other essential items close by. These may include toys for the children, a change of clothes, and also snacks and drinks. These items will make your moving in easier and simpler and you can use them if needed.

Tools and chargers

While you can plan to put most of your stuff in storage or pack elsewhere, some things you must plan to take with you. When you get to your new home, chances are that you might require some tools.

Essential items and a bag is what to pack last when moving.
Make sure your essentials bag is full of items to help you through your moving process.

So, pack a basic toolbox so you can easily fix a light switch or some other urgent fix on moving day. Also, keep in mind that your phone, tablet, or laptop that you might need on short notice all have to be charged, so keep your chargers handy.

Prepare on time

The trick to packing is not only on how to plan and organize it but also on what to pack last when moving. These items will be essential for your comfortable transition during the moving day. Be smart and think about what you will need in your essentials bag on moving day.

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