You need to hire a professional for piano moving.

Why hire a professional for piano moving

A piano can be many different things. Sure, the piano can be just a musical instrument, and that is valid. However, the piano can be much, much more. The piano is often the central piece of a room, and it brings sublimity to a home and the owner of said home. Piano speaks more than just music, and this is why we hire professionals to take care of our pianos. When we have to tune a piano, we hire a professional piano technician, and seldom we do it by ourselves. The same goes when relocating, we hire a professional for piano moving. Unfortunately, many people think that by tuning or moving a piano by themselves, they are going to save some money. This usually ends with a damaged piano, and this is why it is important to hire a professional when doing anything with a piano. Just call a guy!

Pianos can be extremely heavy

Hire a professional for piano moving when moving this large piano.

Some pianos can be massive. So, hire a professional for piano moving.

Pianos come in a lot of sizes. From relatively light upright pianos to massive grand pianos, all of them are extremely heavy to move. Often, a piano is the heaviest object in a home, and this means that moving it by yourself can be almost impossible. This is why moving companies exist. They are here to carry our light and heavy stuff to our desired location.

Hire a professional for piano moving when moving upright piano.

Upright pianos are still quite heavy. They may be among the heaviest thing you have in your home.

Professional moving companies are equipped with specialized piano equipment. They have moving trucks that are made for the relocation of heavy stuff and motorized lifts that can safely lift the piano.

Pianos are quite bulky

If you think that you can easily carry a piano with the help of your friends, think again. Pianos are not only heavy, but they are also bulky too, with almost no exception. Carrying them even for a few feet requires professionalism. And why is that, don’t you only need strength to carry a piano. Not at all. One problem with pianos is that the weight is not evenly distributed, and that means that there is a chance that you will lose balance if you try to carry it. That way you are going to damage or even break your piano, and this is not something that you’ll want to happen. Also, there is a chance that you’ll hurt yourself.

Pianos are expensive

Like anything, pianos come in different shapes, forms, and prices. Even pianos that are not that pricey are expensive in their own right. Pianos can cost from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But surely, you want to save some money when hiring a moving company, and this is why many people decide that moving a piano on their own is a good idea. That kind of thinking cannot be justified since the cost of hiring a professional moving company that is specialized in piano moving is certainly less than the cost of your piano. This is one of the main reasons why you need to hire a professional for piano moving that can take care of your precious piano.

Also, pianos mean something to us

Since we first taking piano classes, to our children’s love for the instrument, the piano has meant something to us. And this piece of art still means something. This is why you are here. If you didn’t care about your piano, you wouldn’t be reading this article. And unlike many soulless objects in the house, a piano is one and only. Many of the greatest achievements in history were conceived on a piano.

However, if your piano does not mean much to you in a sentimental sense, keep in mind that you are still moving an expensive object. So, please, do not try to move it on your own. It would be a shame for many pianists if you break your piano.

Some of the greatest works of art were made on a piano.

Sometimes, the piano has been passed down from generation to generation, and that means that your piano cannot have a price tag. That means that the value of your piano is monumental and that the safety and well-being of your piano should be of utmost importance. If you accidentally damage your TV, it is a shame, but TV’s are replaceable. So, why risk damaging something of great value to save a few dollars, when you can hire professionals to take your piano to another location safely.

You need to have special equipment for moving pianos

Piano movers exist for a reason, and it is no wonder why many people hire professional piano movers. You have to have specialized moving equipment and lots of knowledge and experience if you want to move your piano in a safe manner. For exactly that reason there are few professional piano movers. Simply, they have the equipment, and you probably don’t.

However, many people still choose to move their pianos on their own. If you chose to go down this path, there is a high chance that you will encounter many problems. First of all, you can easily damage your piano if you don’t handle it correctly. Strings inside your piano may snap if tension is applied to them. Also, wooden planks are relatively fragile, and tension is even more unrelenting to them. The legs of your piano are only meant to support the weight of your piano in one direction, and if you try to rest your piano diagonally, it is almost inevitable that the leg will break. Let’s not talk about many moving parts, like hammers, inside of your piano. Those parts are most fragile, and replacing them can cost you thousands of dollars if spare parts are even available on the market.

Those were just some of the reasons why you should hire a professional for piano moving. There are many more reasons why hiring a professional and specialized moving company will benefit you.

Keep playing!

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