Why is opening a Bed&Breakfast in LA always a good idea

Saying that hotels are over would be false, but they are becoming outdated a bit. The new trend is B&B. They give people a homey feel, but they still don’t have any duties like vacuuming or doing laundry. It’s a perfect combination of hotels and homes. If you are thinking about opening a Bed&Breakfast in LA, you need to think about what kind of B&B you want to run. Picking a theme is always a good idea and sells better.

Running a Bed&Breakfast in LA

Many owners from LA say that opening a Bed&Breakfast can be a very profitable business but you need to have realistic expectations. You will not become a millionaire from starting a B&B in LA since the competition is high. But if you play your cards right, invest in yourself, your business, and most importantly – marketing, you will be able to earn nicely.

Perks of owning a Bed&Breakfast

You will be working from home, also you will be your own boss. So that’s nice. Also, it’s all up to you. Even though it means responsibility, it gives you a certain freedom that no other job can give you. Many owners say that it’s great meeting travelers from all around the world and learning about different cultures. Guests are more open to talk and share in B&Bs than in hotels. The atmosphere is just different.

A cup of coffee  on a bed in a Bed&Breakfast
You can start working from your bed.

Is this hard work?

The list of perks of opening a Bed&Breakfast is almost endless. You don’t have a daily commute, you meet cool new people, you choose your hours, etc. BUT, and there is a big but – this is not for everyone. It is not easy. You still need to work hard. But if this is something that you enjoy it will be easy to work hard especially since you will be working for yourself.

Being responsible is very important in this business. You need to work hard and make sure that your guests are safe. So you need to think about things like babyproofing etc.

Before opening a Bed&Breakfast

Check out the competition. There is much to be learned that way. You should begin with a basic google search to see who is your competition nearby. You will learn about prices and what they are offering and you will be able to beat them. Choosing a theme might be nice. This way it will be easier for you to decorate and focus on details that make difference.

Comfortable bed is a must in any good Bed&Breakfast.

If you already own B&B or a hotel

If you already own Bed&Breakfast or a small hotel and your plan is to relocate to LA because of the high demand we have a solution for you. We know that relocating all those heavy items is not an easy task but experts can deal with the transfer if you just call them. Doing it on your own will be way too difficult and dangerous because of all the heavy lifting.

What about all the stuff I don’t need daily?

If you are relocating your business and don’t want to overcrowd your new B&B, there is a simple solution. It is called additional storage. You will be needing a facility for all excess items, and you will want them nearby in LA. Call your movers and ask them to provide you with this additional service and rest assured knowing that all your items are safe and sound.


This is something you want to invest your money in. Hire marketing experts to help you to become visible. There is no point in owning a great Bed and Breakfast if no one is going to see it and book you. So marketing is the key to being successful in a place like Los Angeles where competition is high. Having your own site can be great and very helpful. You still need to be on booking.com and Airbnb but from there people can go on your website and see all the additional info. Make sure to coordinate the theme of your B&B with the theme of your site. Those little things go a long way. Especially in an aesthetic place like LA.

How many rooms do I need?

This question asks many people before opening a B&B. There will be no simple answer. It is ok if you work with only four rooms. But the more rooms you have the more guests you will be able to take and more money to learn. About 10 rooms is an ideal number of rooms. But it is all up to you, how much work can you handle. Of course, there is a simple matter of the space you have and your budget.

How to pick a theme?

We talked some about themes. There is no need to go over the top but decide on something. A Cozy-comfy-homey look is always great. Make sure that you have nice sheets, beddings, and comfy beds. This is something people remember, and you want to be remembered. Returned customer is a compliment for you. While we are talking about themes, think about what you liked the most while visiting B&B’s? Also, think hard about what you will have to offer besides the room to sleep in. Make sure to have a wow factor. A nice home-cooked meal for breakfast is always a good choice.

Breakfast served after opening a Bed&Breakfast
Make sure that you can provide your guests with a nice and delicious breakfast.

Why are B&Bs so popular in LA?

The first reason is of course – they are cheaper. No one likes to throw away money. The second one is the experience. It is different from what a hotel can offer you.

So as you can see this is an area where you can make it. Just make sure to follow all the given guidelines and do a lot of research before starting. We wish you the best of luck and hopefully soon enough your business will blossom and you will expand. Don’t forget to mind the global pandemic now and make sure that you can guarantee your visitor’s safety.


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