10+ Hollywood attractions you must see when you move there!

Los Angeles is a city that sparks up the interest of many and is great to visit and to live in. But no other neighborhood sparkles as much as Hollywood. It has an international reputation, it is filled with places that gather celebrities and spark interest, and it has many luxurious hotels. There are too many Hollywood attractions to count, but let’s start by giving you a few, so you can begin your journey. We know that moving to Hollywood could be stressful, but these amazing places to visit in Hollywood will most certainly keep you relaxed!

1.The most famous of all Hollywood attractions is the sign!

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This has to be your number one stop when you move to Hollywood!

It is almost impossible to believe that this famous sign wasn’t met to be up for more than a year and a half! Now it is a beloved spot for many tourists and locals as well. It was built in 1923 and the best way to reach it is from Lake Hollywood Park. Don’t forget to go to the helicopter tour and see the sign from the sky as well. And. of course, take a selfie!

2.  Head out to Chinese Theatre for an amazing experience

It is really not a big surprise that Hollywood is filled with theaters. But, this one, in particular, is pretty unique. It has as many as 200 hand or foot imprints of famous Hollywood stars. Of course, it is always filled with tourists snapping pictures, but you will be living in Hollywood so you will have plenty of time to visit this famous Hollywood attraction. Besides, you can always head inside and grab a movie.

3. Enjoy both stars and music in Hollywood Bowl

Hosting concerts in this amazing outdoor amphitheater began in 1922, with the famous La Philharmonic. It has the capacity to welcome as much as 18,000 guests and it has seen its fair share of both classical tones to rap, rock, and pop. There is something about stars and music combines that bring out the romantic side of even the most cynical guests.

4. Test your patience by visiting Hollywood Walk of Fame

Although there are many attractions in Hollywood that movie lovers frequently visit, this one is always on the top of everyone’s list. Lines are crazy in the gift shops and crowd can make you feel claustrophobic, but this is a place you don’t want to miss. When you move to Hollywood, you will certainly go here often. This part of Hollywood bring out the history and glamor from the Golden era, and in addition to beautiful stars, it has a lot of attraction on the way as well.

5. Spend some time in nature and visit Runyon Canyon

Perhaps you are not star struck as much as the rest of us and you would rather enjoy a different type of attraction. Don’t worry, there is a place for that as well. Runyon Canyon has amazing hiking trails, and it is frequently visited by runners and all sort of athletes. When it comes to Hollywood attractions it isn’t very typical, but it is an experience worth having. When you move to Hollywood, you are most certainly going to enjoy going there.

6. Looking for some cultural experience? Griffith Observatory is waiting for you.

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Enjoy every experience in Hollywood!

After all that walking and chasing the celebrities, you might need a change of pace. What’s great about Hollywood and Los Angeles is that they offer something for everybody’s taste. There are so many interesting places to visit in Hollywood. You might not be able to see everything when you are visiting, but after your move, this will be much easier. One of the most interesting places in Hollywood is Griffith Observatory. Not only does it offer a spectacular view of the area, it is also filled with amazing exhibitions.  Make sure to gaze at the stars trough their state-of-the-art telescope.

7. Get another great view of the city from the Hollywood Bowl Overlook

People who enjoy spending time outside are going to live living in Hollywood. There are so many places you can go and not only work on your figure but also enjoy amazing views. This overlook in the Santa Monica Mountains is one of them. You can see the skyline all the way to do ocean. Also, if the tickets to your favorites are sold out in the Bowl, you can come here and enjoy the show for free. But, have in mind, parking is horrible and it can be pretty crowded.

8. Looking for a bite to eat? Head out to a restaurant favored by Charlie Chaplin!

Musso & Frank Grill is one of the most famous Hollywood attractions. It has been opened in 1919 and it is the oldest restaurant in the area. Their menu can be quite a challenge and the experience is definitely one of a kind. We could recommend flannel cakes, grilled meats, and amazing bread. Don’t forget to order a martini as well!

 In addition to all of this, it would be a shame to miss a couple of other Hollywood attractions, such as Sunset Ranch, Hollywood Roosevelt, and old Dolby Theatre. Living in Hollywood offers a lot of possibilities and it would be such a shame to miss out on some of them. People are very sociable, they enjoy going out and spending time together. The weather luckily enables all of that!
Moving to Hollywood can be difficult, but we are here for you. You can read on our website how to buy a home in Hollywood and also how to find good movers. There is no need to fear taking this step, although it is difficult it is very rewarding. The trouble will soon be over and you will be able to enjoy your life in Hollywood that much more. And who knows, you might become best friends with some A-list celebrity!

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