Best music festivals in America. Captured festival.

Best music festivals in America

Looking back through history, people always enjoyed public social events. Centuries ago, those events were balls. During them people had the opportunity to meet, network, enjoy the music and have fun. Nowadays we have music festivals. They became massive dance parties, art installations, and multimedia spectacles. Also, they give us an opportunity for the reunion with old friends. Not to mention the high-quality music performance they offer. Hence, if you are thinking about moving, we are about to present you places famous for their festivals. Best music festivals in America are calling your name.

13#Electric Zoo

This magic festival of electro music turns the parkland of Randall’s Island Park NYC into an electronic dance utopia. The creative minds behind Tomorrowland, Mysteryland, and Sensation have taken over this festival. Therefore, they are injecting the same passion into this event.

People talking and drinking outdoors. Best music festivals in America.

Festivals are a great opportunity for a reunion with old friends.

12#Riot Festival

Riot is one of the best music festivals in America because of its strong identity. Takes place in the wide expanse of Chicago’s Douglas Park. As its name says, it offers a lineup of punk and alt-rock bands. Interestingly, Riot Fest is widely famous for the reunions of some of the biggest bands in rock history. Hence, punk and Rock lovers should not miss this spectacle of hard sound.

11#Electric Forest

Sounds like a magic tour? Well, it’s visitors couldn’t agree more. Fusing bands are performing along with famous electronic DJs. As you could guess, this event is inspired by nature. Consequently, people enjoy the colors of the nature surrounding them. Great electro music follows them around from stage to stage.

One of the best festivals in America. Red lights, people and confetti.

Festivals became art and music sensations.


This Festival presents probably all music genres. But most noteworthy, it’s a bliss for indie rock lovers ears. Interestingly, what really sets Sasquatch apart from other festivals, is its location. It’s placed on the lip of the Columbia River Valley. Seems like you could hardly find a more majestic place to enjoy live music. Hence, whether you are a fan of this music genre or not, you should not miss one of the best Festivals in America.

9#Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival

Most importantly, people love Bonnaroo for its vibe. It’s a Southern-style adventure of camping in the early summer. It offers you discovering the music in a laid-back environment. Originally it was focused on jam bands and folk rock. But with time, it has expanded to include an impressive variety of genres. Also, Rolling Stone magazine praised it and included among the “50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll”. If you decide to relocate to Tennesse, this festival will become your summer ritual.

Best music festivals in America. Two girls holding hands outdoors.

Nature, people, and great music.


While most music festivals are related to some music genre, Stagecoach is all about the country. Takes place just the week after Coachella. It celebrates some of the best country artists coming out of Nashville. Hence, people from Nashville especially enjoy this event. Are you one of them? If yes, and if you’re still working on your move, check out Move On Relocation Nashville. They exist to make moving seriously fun.

7#Hot 97 Summer Jam

No festival has done more for the development of hip-hop than this one. For years now, it is giving a platform to the freshest names. Also, it is giving fans an opportunity to see the superheroes of rap. This makes Hot Summer Jam one of the best music festivals in America. It takes place in East Rutherford, the borough in Bergen County, New Jersey.

6#New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Definitely one of the best music festivals in America is a New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Dating back to 1970, this festival has become a complete cultural experience bigger than music. Therefore, Jazz lovers will not miss this opportunity to enjoy this amazing sound.

Man with a guitar singing.

Festivals help many independent artists make a breakthrough.

 5#Essence Festival

This event takes place in the thick of summer and in the heat of Louisiana. But even so, it’s one of the coolest festivals in the summer calendar. This year some of the biggest music festivals in the country are severely lacking for female headliners. Meanwhile, Essence Festival offers the best of them. This year’s event features Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott.

4#Afropunk Fest Brooklyn

It has started as a DIY movement in the USA. It was a response to feeling like an outsider and desiring a sense of belonging.  Afropunk is probably one of the world’s most famous cultural movements. It offers an amazing mix of art, activism, and music. Nowadays it attracts up to 60,000 people and spreads its message in cities around the globe. If you want to celebrate Afro-American culture and fight marginalization in modern western societies, don’t miss it. Also, along with very important message comes great music.

A hand holding the phone and lights in the back.

Along with great music, festivals provide a multimedia spectacle.

#3 Lollapalooza

This is a thrilling combination of music, dance, comedy and craft booths.  Lollapalooza is another multi-genre delight that provides a platform for non-profit artists and groups. The festival keeps creating historical moments in many music careers. It takes place in August, in Grant Park, Chicago.

2# Coachella

In April every year, the Indio desert becomes a fashionable hive of the coolest bands. Coachella Festival is always followed by trendy people and celebrities. The lineup gets better and better every year, with stars like Beyoncé, Eminem, and The Weeknd.

Giant astronaut shaped balloon and people outdoors.

Coachella Festival atmosphere.

1#Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is more than festival, it’s a community. Even more, it’s a temporary city in the desert. Also, it’s a global cultural movement based on 10 principles.

  • Everyone can be a part of Burning Man. Consequently, this event welcomes and respects every guest.
  • Gifting is unconditional. Therefore, it does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value.
  • Protecting our culture from exploitation through music and dance.
  • Self-expression arises from the individuality.
  • Also, self-reliance encourages people to discover, exercise and rely on inner resources.
  • Festival Burning Man values creative cooperation and collaboration. Hence, it strives to produce, promote and protect social networks, public spaces, and art.
  • Every participant has a civic responsibility for the surrounding.
  • Leaving no trace is an important rule. Above all, this festival is eco-friendly. Therefore, participants should try not to leave a trace and clean up after themselves.
  • Everyone is invited to participate. Therefore, this event also makes the world better through actions that open the heart.
  • Immediate experience is also an important touchstone of value in our culture. Hence, contact with a natural world exceeds human powers.
Stage with lights, people captured from behind.

Burning man is probably the most popular festival in America.

Best music festivals in America are waiting for you

If you are a festival fan, you will certainly enjoy yourself this year. Best music festivals in America are waiting for you. On the other side, if you are not one, I hope we have tickled your imagination. Who knows, maybe you change your mind.

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