Life in Hollywood – pros and cons

You’ve chosen the life in Hollywood- congratulations! It is a great idea! Wherever you go, whoever you talk to, if you say “Hollywood”, people immediately know what are you talking about. All around the world, this may be one of the best-known neighborhoods in the world. Even though the real life in Hollywood is not what people imagine it is, from movies and TV, still it has many things to offer. The diversity of restaurants, cultural sites, shopping – all of these add to the idea of glamorous Hollywood that everybody wants. We’ll list some of the pros and cons of living here – you should know both positive and negative side of life in Hollywood.

If you still haven't decided where to live , here are some things to consider if you want to choose Hollywood

Life in Hollywood is a great idea, but you should know its pros and cons

Atmosphere and nightlife

This is definitely an advantage. First of all, if you enjoy being in active surroundings, this is the place for you. Life in Hollywood offers you a chance to always meet new people – which is great if you moved to this city alone. At any time, you can meet somebody and have a drink, or go out with your partner at a different restaurant each time. Active nightlife provides something on every corner – restaurants, sports bars, singles bars, pubs – everything you need to have fun.

You can choose from so many places to go out in Hollywood

Finding a bar in Hollywood is quite easy

Tourism and crowd

This item has both pros and cons. Sure, when you move here, you will have a lot of opportunities to fill your free time with sightseeing some of the most famous touristic places in the country. Also when your friends or family visit, especially from far away, you’ll have places to take them. We wrote about the most popular Hollywood attractions you need to see.Furthermore, tourism is a great plus for the economy. If your job is related to tourism in any way, you’ll find this quite an advantage. On the other hand, there is a disadvantage to this as well. Especially during summer or winter breaks, streets are filled with tourists from all around the world. Fortunately, they visit only the most popular sightseeing spots like Hollywood Boulevard, so they might not be just around your home. Also, public protests are very common, so you might find yourself stuck in one without even knowing what are you protesting for.

Tourists in Hollywood and protesters can make streets crowded and busy

Crowd in this area is quite common


Commuting is definitely a disadvantage. Have you watched “La La Land”? At the beginning of the movie, they are singing in the rush hour. The city is made for cars, with its wide roads and streets. So, even though there are buses and other public transportation means, most of the people drive cars. That results in traffic jams during both night and day. Streets can be busy even though it is not rush hour. You just need to accept the fact you will not get anywhere quickly or on time. In a way, locals embraced this way of life. If you want to go from one end of the city to another, consider that an adventure. Even though they are wide and big, freeways are often packed with cars and trucks. So take that into account when you choose where your home and work are going to be.

Getting somewhere easily and quickly - not when you lead a life in Hollywood!

Traffic jams are the everyday routine for life in Hollywood


If you are not a fan of snow, rain, and temperatures below zero, this is the place for you. California offers a climate with pleasant temperatures throughout a year. Mostly, the weather is nice and warm, and during winter holidays, a couple of snowflakes are a surprise. During summertime, it can be pretty hot, but having the beach so close to your home makes such a difference. Days are sunny almost all the time, and even if there are a couple of colder or cloudy days – it’s not that bad at all.

Life in Hollywood includes nice weather and not so many cold days

Nice weather throughout a year


Hollywood has probably one of the best locations in the country. Whatever you want to do in your free time, it is possible and close to you. You will have everything -from the desert that is around the city, to the beach that is close to your home. On the north, there are some lakes, forests and skiing locations. On the south, you can travel towards the Mexican border and visit San Diego or Cleveland National Forest. No matter what is your favorite way of recreation, it is not far away.


In Hollywood, and generally in Los Angeles, choosing a restaurant is difficult – just because you have so many choices. From seafood, the Mediterranean, steak, sushi, French, Italian – any national cuisine is available to you. You can live here for years, and still not visit all of these fantastic places. The diversity of cultures and people who moved to California resulted in such a variety of foods. You can check out the list of some good places here.

After reading these positive and negative points of life in Hollywood, and you still want to move there- we must say you made the best choice. If you embrace all the features and adapt to this adventurous way of life, you will have a great time. Now is the time for you to choose the best home – we wrote about it here. Now, what you need to know is that no place is perfect. You can always find something that bothers you, but you also need to find a way to adjust. Traffic jam – no worries, you can put some good music on, listen to an audiobook, or talk to somebody on your Bluetooth speakers. Try to learn to never waste time – it can help you a lot. Finding yourself on a crowded street, full of tourists? Use that opportunity to make some new friends, or learn about a new culture and meet some of the foreigners. After a busy week, remember that you are lucky enough to have a beach nearby where you can spend your free time and enjoy all year round.

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