Guidelines for moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor.

Moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor

“Hollywood”: the name speaks for itself. When you hear it, you immediately think of its world-famous movie industry, cinema stars, red carpet, fame, and fortune. Sounds inspiring? Some people take this inspiration to the next level and move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. Are you among them? Amazing! But before we see your red-carpet photo with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in glossy zines, you need to get there. Moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor? We will guide you to your dream!

Step 1. Preparation

First of all, you should be well-prepared before moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor. First of all, it includes the ordinary pre-relocation preparation routine. Get to know Hollywood and what it has to offer to newcomers. Then, you need to assess your income and priorities, and based on these, select the best Hollywood neighborhood for your new home. Decide whether you will rent a home or buy it. However, bear in mind that Hollywood is rather expensive (you will need at least $5,000 savings.) After you have found an accommodation, find a good moving company, and consider your relocation routine complete. The only thing that’s left is to relocate there yourself.

But in your case, moving to Hollywood goes beyond ordinary moving. If you want to be a worthy competitor to hundreds of other aspiring movie stars, you need to be confident in acting. Take acting and voiceover classes, and battle the stage fright if you suffer from it. The more skills you have, the better your chances are, as movie editors prefer actors with diverse skills and experience.

Step 2. Becoming a Hollywood local

The second step of moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor is the relocation itself. After you have unpacked your boxes and made your new home indeed yours, it is time to know the city in person. Give yourself time to get to

If you're moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor, you need to do much networking upon your arrival..

Networking is a key to a successful acting career in Hollywood.

know Hollywood, its lifestyle and best attractions.

And, of course, discover places where workers of movie industry gather. Get to know these people and make friends with them. If you are moving to Hollywood to pursue an acting career, it is important to get as many contacts in the movie industry as possible.

Networking plays an important role in building an acting career. So if you are moving to Hollywood as an aspiring actor, you can also pull any LA connections that you have. Spread the word through social networks. Even if your LA friends do not work in the movie industry, they might know someone who does. The more contacts you find at the early stage, the better for your future acting career. It is also crucial to be open-minded, friendly and polite with everyone.

Step 3. Gain experience

In any job search, working experience is a great perk that gives you advantage. And in Hollywood movie industry, it is a must. Even if you have graduated from an acting school, you need to enrich your CV with as much experience as

Aspiring actors in Hollywood must gain a lot of experience before they get noticed.

If you dream of becoming a Hollywood star, you need to gain a lot of experience and frequently show your skills on auditions.

possible. In the beginning, this will include unpaid acting in local movies and theaters. Voluntary work gives you zero profit but is essential for building up your career.

Taking extra acting classes in Hollywood is not a bad idea either. Another useful tip is to watch professionals do their job and learn from them. The easiest and the cheapest way to do it is to watch the AFI’s 100 greatest American movies list. And to go to theatres because there you can watch actors and their technique “in real life.” And it is in theaters and cinemas that you might find new connections and friends. Remember: in Hollywood, every connection is important! There is never enough connections!

If you’re moving to Hollywood as an aspiring actor, you probably know how important auditions are. They are a great opportunity for you to show your skills and attract producers’ attention. But be ready to attend a lot of them before you finally get noticed.

Step 4. Find an agent

After you feel confident with enough acting experience in your résumé, it is time to look for an agent. They will promote you and help you get an acting job. But do not go big. It is the common beginners’ mistake. As an aspiring actor with little experience, you are of no interest to famous film agents who work with superstars. Be realistic about yourself: finding the best agent for you will be easier with this attitude.

Knowing the agents’ preferences is also important if you’re moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor. There is a huge competition among white actors of both genders in their 20-30ies. People below and above this age and people of color faceless fierce competition. So if you belong to the second or the third category consider yourself lucky.

Some young actors say that the agents will find you when you have a name. This means: do not rush into finding an agent as soon as you arrive in Hollywood. Take your time, and build your name and spread your network.

Last but not least: Never give up!

You must be determined and motivated when moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor.

Be motivated and passionate about your goal and you will succeed!

Our final advice: be motivated during all your way to becoming a Hollywood movie star. Moving to Hollywood as aspiring actor means everyday hard work and battling fierce competition. It is very tough. If you want to make your dream come true, you need to stick to it and work for it every single minute. Unless you are 100% motivated to succeed, there is little chance you will. Don’t give up! We hope to see you soon on the cinema screen!

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