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Pack efficiently for your move to Hollywood

Are you one of the lucky people moving to Hollywood? Worried about how to pack efficiently for your move? Don’t worry! Moving is a big process, and it’s easy to let fear overtake you. But it’s important to stay grounded when tackling this topic. First, are you moving to Hollywood on a tight budget? It’s important to know how much money you’re willing to spend in advance. Now, when you have your budget and your destination, it’s time to do the scariest part: plan. It’s worth it, however, because it will save you a lot of headache and chaos in the long run.

Pack efficiently by starting early

So, have you given yourself ample time to get started? Because it’s really easy to procrastinate, and so many end up packing for a move in one day. While that can work out, it’s best not to gamble with your belongings unless you absolutely have to. Moving to Hollywood can be expensive already, no need to add to the cost with mistakes. After all, staying organized will save you a lot of money, because you won’t have to replace items you forgot or lost along the way. And packing efficiently is what the organization is for.

Try enlisting your friends and family! Pay them with a six-pack of beer and the promise of pizza, and you’ll see how quickly your problem gets solved.

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Pack efficiently by making a list and checking it twice.

Break down daunting tasks into manageable chunks to pack efficiently

So, you’ve been packing but it seems like your pile of clothing has morphed into the Himalayas. It just doesn’t seem to get any smaller no matter what you do, and you don’t know how to continue! Moving to Hollywood seems like a distant dream at this point! Will this nightmare ever end? Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay, you just have to learn what method for efficient packing works for you. Try breaking tasks down.

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If you pack efficiently, there’s no reason for despair.

  • Start early enough that you have some room to maneuver, but not too early so you don’t accidentally end up procrastinating.
  • Pack efficiently by dedicating a small amount of time per day – say, half an hour – and focus solely on one thing.
  • Make it a very specific task, so that the amount of work you have to do doesn’t look unmanageable. Have to pack your entire kitchen? No-no, today you have to pack your dishes.
  • It’s okay if the steps are really small, you’re the one that has to work with them so they have to be useful to you. There’s no shame in knowing your limits. Some people will do fine with “sort the wardrobe”, and some people will do better with “sort the first two wardrobe shelves”. What matters is that the wardrobe gets sorted.

Pack efficiently by sorting your items before packing them

Moving is the best time to get rid of unnecessary items. After all, you don’t want to haul them all the way to Hollywood just to trash them, right? It will only waste your money, and more importantly, your moving space. So, sort your things beforehand instead of blindly dumping them in boxes. The easiest way is to divide them into three piles as you go along.

  • The “I’m keeping this” pile, for things you need, use, and plan to bring.
  • The “Oh my god why do I have this” pile, for garbage.
  • The “It works, but I don’t need it” pile, for a donation bin or a yard sale to make a quick buck.

Pack efficiently – as well as unpack efficiently – by labeling your things

Picture this: you’ve arrived in your Hollywood home, tired from your move. Mountains of boxes loom over your head. You desperately need a single item from them, but you don’t know what box has what items. Scary, no? After all, there’s no point to packing efficiently if you end up digging through the boxes and making a mess because you don’t know what’s where! That’s where labeling comes in!

The method of labeling, however, is up to you. Some people find it easier to label boxes with their contents, like “winter clothing” or “utensils”. Others label their boxes with the location, like “work desk first drawer” or “kitchen cupboard”. The important thing is that you know what’s inside. 

Think about what’s the first thing you will need when you make it to Hollywood. Phone charger, laptop, a set of dishes to eat with? Clean underwear and a toothbrush? Make sure you know where these things are put.  A bonus when you pack efficiently is that you’ll have a super easy time unpacking!

Consider hiring a moving company

I know, I know. Picking and hiring a good moving company in Hollywood can be so difficult! Many, many people choose to do it themselves. But if you want to be efficient, professionals are the way to go. Though you have to be careful to avoid scams, you’ll buy your peace of mind by hiring professionals. First of all, make sure to get an estimate, and know what you’re buying. Are they hired by the hour or until the job is done? Do they offer insurance for your items? Do they have a package deal to rent you moving supplies?

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Pack efficiently by reusing gift-boxes (if they’re big enough) and filling your suitcases.

Read the reviews

Reading the reviews is especially relevant! Yelp is a useful site. Pay attention to what the negative reviews have in common! If you go with a company where a lot of people complained about their furniture being broken, expect a broken table in your future. It’s important to look at how many negative reviews there are – five bad ones to a hundred good ones? They’re almost certainly safe. Ten bad ones to twenty good ones? Probably best to avoid them. It’s no use trying to pack efficiently if a bad moving company is just going to trash your hard work!

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