Should you move to Nashville?

Should you move to Nashville?

Relocation is one of the biggest life changes. It is also one of the most stress full events, that require a lot of time and organization. You have to consider a lot of things before you make such a big decision. If you want to move to Nashville, this guide will show you on what you need to pay attention before you start packing.

Why do people move to Nashville?

As a capital of Tennessee, Nashville is a lovely city nestled on the Cumberland River in Davidson County. This city is famous as one of the best cities where you can live in the USA. It may be small, but it is very urban and trendy, with abundant entertainment options, low living costs, loads of outdoor activities and a low unemployment rate. Many businesses are relocating to Nashville because of its great geographical location, affordable real estate and exceptional quality of life.
Beside young professionals, this city also attracts families. The abundance of vast parks, good school system, safe and family-friendly neighborhoods make Nashville a great place to raise your family.
Since it is very diverse and urban, Nashville is also the choice of many millennials. They are relocating here from all the parts of the country. It has great job opportunities, exciting nightlife, interesting restaurants and bars, and a variety of different activities. But, there are also many seniors moving to Nashville as well.
To sum up, the main reasons why people move to Nashville are:

  • Quality of life
  • Affordability
  • Entertainment
  • Job opportunities
  • Gorgeous nature and vast outdoors
Many move to Nashville because it is urban, fun and very affordable.

Nashville is exciting during the day and also at night, with many entertainment options.

Should you move to Nashville?

The best feature of Nashville is that it’s offering the urban living of the big cities, with all the benefits of the small town. Move to Nashville may be a good idea if you are searching for something like this. The best was to determine if relocation to this city is in your best interest, is to spend some time in it.
Book a trip and explore the city. Try some of the many activities, walk the streets, and hit the bars. Pay attention to the traffic and people that you are meeting. See what do you like and don’t like, and make a list of pros and cons.
Follow your instincts and your feelings. Absorb the vibe of the city and see how it fits you. If you feel nervous and anxious, then this maybe isn’t the perfect place for your relocation.
On the other hand, if you feel excited and you can see yourself living here, then it may be a good idea to move to Nashville.

Call for help

If you do decide to move to Nashville, the best way to do it stress-free is to hire professional movers. One of the best moving companies in the business you can find on This company is very reputable, with movers that have years of experience. They know how to relocate your home safely and without delays. Most importantly, this company is very reliable, which is the main character that you need to consider when choosing your movers.

Pros of living in Nashville

Before you start packing your bags and searching for the assistance that you need when moving, take a look at the pros and cons of living in Nashville.
There are many pros for living in Nashville and here are the main ones.

  • Low unemployment rate – Nashville has the unemployment rate of 3.3%, which is amongst the lowest comparing to others cities in the USA.
  • Low living expenses – Capital of Tennessee is among the most affordable cities in the US. It is one of the main reason why people move to Nashville. The costs of relocation will also be lower, which is especially important for those that have to move on a strict budget. So make sure to calculate the exact cost of moving home.
  • No personal income tax – Tennessee is one of only 6 American states that doesn’t have this type of taxes.
  • It is a city full of arts and culture – Nashville is the center of the nation’s country music scene. There are also many live theatre shows, music performances, concerts, art shows and many cultural events throughout the entire year.
  • Beautiful outdoor places – Every nature lover will love Nashville, because of its multitude of outdoor activities and exercise opportunities. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by hiking, biking or just relaxing in the park and admiring the view. Must see location in Nashville is the Centennial Park that is an exact replica of the Greek Parthenon.
  • Nice weather – Climate in Nashville is a humid subtropical with the average annual temperatures from 37.7 °F during the winter to 79.4 °F in the summer. This kind of weather is providing an opportunity to enjoy great outdoor activities for the whole year.
Centennial Park in Nashville is an exact replica of the Greek Parthenon.

Replica of the Greek Parthenon is just one of the amazing sites in Nashville.

Cons of living in Nashville

Every city has its pros and cons. When choosing the right city to call your new home, it is important that there are more pros than cons. Those features are very subjective, so it is up to you to decide what are the downsides of the town.
Here are the general things that residents of Nashville are complaining about.

If you have seasonal allergies, that can be a big problem

Middle Tennessee is the area that isn’t the best fit for those with seasonal allergies. Its particular mix of topography, weather patterns, and pollen-producing flora are creating a lot of problems for allergy suffers in Nashville during spring and autumn.
These are the reasons why the cities in this area, including Nashville, are consistently rank in the top 30 “Allergy Capitals” of the USA, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Don't move to Nashville if you have seasonal allergies.

If you have seasonal allergies, then Nashville isn’t the best fit for you.

Traffic jams

Like many cities in America, Nashville also has a problem with traffic jams. Which is understandable, considering how many newcomers are relocating to Nashville each year. While the traffic problem isn’t an unusual thing in American cities, the lack of public transportation offering is. That is the reason why is practically essential to have a car in Nashville. Thus, the traffic jams. Residents believe that better public transportation will solve this problem.

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