Top pet-friendly LA neighborhoods

Moving with your pet to the LA will be the dream come true. This city has deserved every right to be marked as a pet paradise. The economy of this town has totally changed thanks to the pet owners. Love for our furry friends is present in almost every part of the town. You just have to choose one of the pet-friendly LA neighborhoods to call your new home.

Fairfax is number one on the list of the best pet-friendly LA neighborhoods

This neighborhood is designed in a way to complement all the needs of the pets and their owners. It deserves its title of the best pet-friendly LA neighborhood. Astonishing  85% of the rental apartments are pet-friendly. That means that your pet will never be lonely since statistically speaking only a few apartments in your building will be without the pet.

If you are a newcomer in Los Angeles, this will also mean that you will make friends in a new city in no time. Pets are a great way to establish communication with new neighbors. Since you have the same interest, you will more likely find the common ground and form a friendship.

Besides the great rental listing offer, this neighborhood also boosts with 18 dog parks and more than 20 pet-friendly establishments. Your pet need grooming? No problem, the best groomers are in the proximity. There’s a need to leave your dog for a day or two? No worries, there are even five-star pet hotels in the area. Yeas, the resident of Fairfax do love their pets, and they are proud to show it.

Still, there is one downside of this neighborhood that can burst your bubble. That’s its price tag. And it’s high, very high compared to the other pet-friendly LA neighborhoods. If you are moving on a budget, that is a bit of a pickle. However, living in Fairfax will be the joy for you and for your pet friend, and worth every penny.

Features of the neighborhood:

  • Highest percent of the pet-friendly rentals
  • More than 18 dogs parks
  • Plenty of pet amenities
  • Downside: Very high living costs


Both you and your pet will enjoy living in the Silverlake. This hip and trendy area every year come to a step closer to be a true pet paradise. Here pets live like kings and are treated as the equal members of the families, which they certainly are.

With more than 20 dogs park in the proximity, it’s needless to say that your furry friend will have a lot of places to be active and playful. Almost every restaurant in Silverlake is pet-friendly, and there are also a lot of pet-related attractions. The number of rentals that are allowing pets is increasing each year. Here nobody will give you the frown eye when you walk in the apartment building with your pet since most of the neighbors have one as well.

Features of the neighborhood:

  • More than 20 parks in the imminent proximity
  • Many pet-related attractions
  • Downside: only 60% of the rentals that are allowing the pets
Dog in a park

It’s the home of some of the best dog parks in LA.


Many may be surprised that Hollywood is so hight on the list of the pet-friendly LA neighborhoods. Or that’s even on it.
When you look for the available pet-friendly rental listings in this area, you may think that this neighborhood is not suitable for pets what so ever.
However, while there is a low percentage of rental listings allowing pets, Hollywood compensate that with other perks. Both for pets and their owners. Abundant of pet-friendly restaurants, extensive hiking trails, world-class groomers, countless high-quality boarding for dogs, theme pet parties in the parks and many pet exhibits are just some of the amazing features of this neighborhood.

Besides, this is maybe the only place in the world where your dog can become a celebrity during a morning walk. Agents are often scrolling over the dog parks of Holywood in a search for a new pet star. Who knows, maybe your pouch can become a new Lassie.

So, if you’re planning a relocation to Hollywood with your pet, have no worries. This one of the best pet-friendly LA neighborhoods.

Features of the neighborhood:

  • The abundance of pet-related business
  • A lot of pet activities
  • Opportunity to make your pet famous
  • Downside: The very low offer of the pet-friendly apartments
Dog in the parade

If you want to make your dog a celebrity, Hollywood is the perfect neighborhood for that.

Santa Monica

For those who love the smell of the ocean first thing in the morning, this is the perfect place. You can choose your new home from an astonishing 80% of the pet-friendly rental listings.

The only reason why Santa Monica isn’t the first on the list of pet-friendly LA neighborhoods is the distance from downtown. In fact, while Santa Monica is officially part of Los Angels, its residents consider it to be a town on its own. Which in a way, it is.
But that’s exactly one of its charms. People live more casual and slower, comparing to the fast life pace in the LA hustle.

They cherish their pets so much that they like to include them in most of the daily activities. Hence, the great number of pet-friendly activities all around this neighborhood. Let’s not forget one of its biggest perks – the proximity to the glorious beach.
If you don’t mind a long commute to the center of LA, and you always dream to live on the beach, then this neighborhood can be a perfect fit for you and your pet.

Features of the neighborhood:

  • 80% of the pet-friendly rental listings
  • An abundance of pet-friendly amenities
  • Imminent proximity to the beach
  • Downside: Long commute to the city center (approximately one hour)
Santa Monica is one of the best pet-friendly LA neighborhoods

Your pet will enjoy long days at the beach.

Downtown LA

If you like to be in the center of all city action then there’s no better place than Downtown LA.
While it doesn’t have a lot of the parks and pet amenities itself, it is still a popular destination for pet owners. Since there are plenty of pet activities in the walking distance.

You will easily find an apartment to rent that accept your furry friend as well since more than 75% of the rental listings are pet-friendly. Still, if you have in mind a house with a white picket fence, think outside this neighborhood. This is surely one of the greatest pet-friendly LA neighborhoods, but it’s lacking in houses offer. The apartment units are the prevailing housing option in this part of LA.

Features of the neighborhood:

  • You are always in the very center of happenings
  • A popular destination for pet owners
  • 75% of the pet-friendly rental listings
  • Downside: There is a serious lack of houses on the rental market

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