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3 hidden costs of local moving and ways to avoid them

What are the hidden costs of local moving?

Local moves usually seem like they will cost less and be less stressful than long-distance moves. Unfortunately, they’re not. Here are three of the most common hidden costs of local moves that people often overlook until it’s too late:

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Hiring cheap movers

One of the most common hidden costs of local moving is hiring cheap or inexperienced movers. You might be tempted to hire a company that offers a low hourly rate, but beware. These companies often end up taking longer to do the job, which will end up costing you more in the long run. In addition, they are more likely to damage your belongings. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

SOLUTION: Since hiring cheaper movers can cost you even more in the end, it’s better to pay a little bit more for a company that you can really count on. Luckily for you, local experts can jump in at any time to help you move in.

Injuring yourself due to a DIY move

Another hidden cost of local moving is the cost of injuries sustained during a do-it-yourself move. If you decide to forego hiring professional movers and try to do the job yourself, you run the risk of injuring yourself. The most common injuries sustained during DIY moves are back injuries, which can be extremely painful and costly to treat. Not to mention the cost of lost wages if you have to take time off work to recover.

SOLUTION: The best way to avoid injuring yourself during a DIY move is to make sure you are being cautious:

  • wear appropriate clothes and shoes
  • be careful while lifting and moving bulky items
  • eat and hydrate
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Injuries are no joke

Fixing damaged items

One of the hidden costs of local moving is having to repair or replace damaged items. And if you hire cheap or inexperienced movers, the chance of damage goes up exponentially. So, be sure to factor in the cost of repairs or replacements when budgeting for your move.

SOLUTION: If you want to avoid these unexpected costs, make sure to wrap up all your things. Make sure to wrap up fragile items and pack them securely.

Get ready to go!

In the end, the hidden costs of local moving are often more than you expect. But by being aware of the hidden costs and taking precautions, like finding reliable movers, you can avoid some serious financial headaches. By following these tips, you will be able to move without any major problems.


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