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3 Must-dos when moving from a house to an apartment

If you are planning on moving from a house to an apartment you need to make some changes. It might not seem like it but living in a house and living in an apartment are two very different things. Apartments tend to have less storage space than houses which means that you cannot have as many things. This is just one of the issues you might run into when making such a change so we decided to tell you the three things you must do when moving from a house to an apartment to make the whole process easier.

Create a checklist

The first thing you must do when moving from a house to an apartment is to create a checklist. This of course means to create a good plan which you are going to follow, This plan should be your plan of packing up your home for relocation.

Man writing checklist .
Creating a checklist will make a lot of things easier.

And although this seems like an easy task, it really isn’t. Packing is the hardest part of the relocation process and it takes a lot of time and energy. This is why you need the plan to make it a bit easier. And it is why we suggest you pack just one room at a time and not all rooms at once.


The first thing to have in mind when moving from a house to an apartment is the fact that you are going to have less storage space. And what this means is that you will need to get rid of some things from your home. That is exactly what decluttering is.

We all tend to keep things we don’t need. Especially when we have a lot of storage space available. But you really do not need most of those things. This is why you should start decluttering your things. While doing so, you can also slowly pack for your upcoming relocation. And remember, pack one room at a time for better packing organization.

Shelves in a home.
Get rid of the things you don’t need in your new apartment.

Be real and get rid of as many things as you can. The best thing to do is to donate what can be donated. Some of the things you have are even for trash.

Rent storage space

If you decluttered your home and you still have lots of things to move to your apartment, it is a good idea to consider renting additional storage space. There are lots of companies from which you can rent storage units. There are storage units of all sizes for whichever things you need to store away.

Some people decide to leave behind their furniture because it is heavy, bulky, and expensive to move. Especially if moving long distances. Selling it isn’t possible sometimes or you might want to save it for the future in case you end up needing it.

Packing hacks

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