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4 reasons why Californians’ favorite East Coast city is Fort Lauderdale

California is a Sunshine State on the west coast, known for sunny beaches, Hollywood, surfing, and wine. There is a saying: “It is always sunny in California”. For some reason it is. Even when it is raining, few moments after is sunny again. Winter’s here are weak and warm. Summers are hot but you are on the beach cooling down. Spring and autumn are almost perfect, shot but perfect. California is popular because of its people, its climate, food, and exciting life. Although we know that the biggest attraction beside Disneyland, Hollywood, and sunny beaches in Miami. In addition to the standard well–known attractions, it is not out of place to pay attention to the new rising star. Californians’ favorite East Coast city is Fort Lauderdale.

There are so many reasons to live here, but we will enumerate four of them.

Affordable life

Fort Lauderdale is in Broward County and is one of the best places to live in Florida. In relation to its location, beauty, proximity to major cities, Fort Lauderdale is an affordable place for living. Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Considering that this city is developing more, and becomes more popular, life is still affordable here. It is not a coincidence that this becomes Californians’ favorite East Coast city. Now is the right time to take the opportunity and move here. Vision Movers Fort Lauderdale will be at your disposal and they will facilitate the process of moving. Call them after you find the right location.

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Make it count

Location is of a great importance

Fort Lauderdale is located on the southeastern coast. When you start going south, you will find yourself in Hollywood in no time, because Hollywood is the first neighbor. After Hollywood, that is Miami and all that in just 31 miles.  Be sure to find the best place to settle in. You can find many beautiful locations at your fingertips:

  • Colee Hammock
  • Tarpon River
  • Victoria Park
  • Harbor Beach
  • Las Olas Isles

Every neighborhood has its good sides and the decision will not be easy. Don’t be worry about this. Have in mind that you can always move to the other end of town quickly and easily. Every time, professionals can help you settle in, no matter how many times you decide to move. Local movers are of great help.

Attractions in Californians’ favorite East Coast city

With many canals that are so charming, Fort Lauderdale has earned his nickname “The Venice of America”. Get yourself a ride on a catamaran, and see almost fairy tale blue-green waters, or even better, dive into them. Golden sand on 23miles of beeches will leave you speechless. Take a walk down on Las Olas Boulevard and see small shops that are so adorable. Almost anything can be found there. The greatest boat shows on seven seas happen in Fort Lauderdale. It is happening at the end of October, lasts for five days, and has a 61-year long tradition. There is The Strip promenade that runs down the ocean side from one side and a highway from another side. There is a swimming hall of fame, where you can visit the museum of memorabilia. On the other side, there is a Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

The Californians’ favorite East Coast city is great for families

This is a great place to move a family here, it is a safe place with a low crime rate. Both types of schools are highly rated, public and private, and they are ranked among the best. With kids covered in good schools, found jobs, there won’t be a lack of places to relax in Fort Lauderdale. There is something entertaining on every corner, lots of natural beauties, and healthy and funny ways to spend your time.

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Be happy in Californians’ favorite East Coast city

There are more than four reasons why Californians’ favorite East Coast city is Fort Lauderdale, but we will end here. We will live you a space to explore and find something exciting and new. Let it be some new mission of yours, to explore and enjoy life.

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