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6 reasons to move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver

If you want to move your company, pick a community that will embrace you. Due to its affordability, Denver is one of the business leaders. Stay with us because we have 6 reasons to move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver.

#1 Move your Business from Silicon Valley to Denver because of its Healthy Climate for New Companies

Several start-up businesses proudly call Colorado home. Jared Polis, the governor of the state, is a businessman and a member of Techstars’ founding team. Denver is quickly earning a reputation as less expensive than Silicon Valley. Denver is home to major players like Salesforce and Facebook. The city is among the top 25 start-up ecosystems worldwide. But, small firms make up the vast majority of enterprises throughout the state, so it’s not just big businesses that are picking the city. The occasion that shows the community’s support for startup companies is Denver Start-Up Week.

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Good weather is one of the perks while moving business from Valley to Denver.

#2 Relocation incentives for businesses

Due to the considerable incentives, many business owners are thinking about coming to Denver. The state of Colorado offers benefits like a tax credit for employment creation and a grant for job training. Stuff that you can also find out when you move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver is trendy storage solutions for your new office space. Colorado also offers initiatives intended to promote innovation in particular industries and create jobs. These grants are intended for certain industries, such as:

  • Aviation
  • Bioscience
  • Electronics

Additionally, Aerospace Denver has demonstrated its willingness to go the extra mile for new clients. As an illustration, the city offered Target $4 million in incentives to relocate to the 16th Street Mall.

#3 Quality of Living

Around 10,000 businesses are already based in Denver, and that number will only rise in the future. The benefits to your firm and employees can also be measured by looking at the quality of life. Excellent schools, a lovely climate with four seasons, and all sorts of activities are all provided by the community and environment of Colorado. The community and lifestyle only increase the allure of your business and your team with a combination of limitless adventure, and beautiful scenery. Colorado is starting to actively recruit great talent and outstanding minds to become the new, more spectacular technology center of tomorrow. On the other hand, California now confronts fierce competition.

#4 It’s located in the regional center

Between the east and west coastlines, Denver is located in the middle. You will be closer geographically and in terms of time zone if your company has partners on either side of the country. Hence, there won’t be any more late-night flights from the Bay Area to JFK. Also, you sleep an extra hour rather than taking early-morning conference calls. There are also a couple more reasons why California millennials are moving to Colorado. For companies that require frequent travel and interactions that transcend time zones, Denver offers a convenient location.

Moving your business from Silicon Valley to Denver has perfect economic conditions

Denver’s economy has been rising recently. The energy and natural resources industry in the city generates billions of dollars in revenue each year and employs tens of thousands of people. The IT sector is developing, and the aerospace industry is a large and growing one. The media, financial services, and healthcare industries are establishing operations in Denver. This degree of diversification equates to a stable business climate.

When you’re ready to move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver, find professional help

You require specialty moving services if you have bulky or really valuable possessions. The smartest decision and the best choice is undoubtedly to engage people who know the area. They can manage the matter when you need something relocated from one area of your workplace to another, especially for moving your business.

#5 Businesses in Denver have lower expenses 

Denver will cost you less money than many other American cities. You may reduce a significant cost for any labor because of the lower cost of living. Colorado also has among the lowest corporate taxes in the nation (4.5%). Comparing it with 9% in California, 6.5% in New York, and 9.5% in Illinois. Another significant expense for companies is hiring and maintaining personnel. Yet, since it won’t take as much time and effort to discover personnel in Denver, it’s still cheaper.

A person counting some money in the wallet as you need to cover numerous costs when you decide to move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver.
Switching your business headquarter to Denver also means saving (and earning) more money.

On the other hand, Denver has a population increase

By adding more than 2 million square feet of new office space in the past couple of years, Denver has quickly risen into the top ten metro areas in the nation for new development. The surge in population, which increased by more than 19% between 2010 and 2020, was the main driver of this rise. Almost 100,000 people moved to the city at that time. This kind of persistent increase will help keep labor stable as firms struggle more than ever to locate workers. Denver has experienced a population increase as a result of people moving there, which is evidence that it has grown in popularity as a city.

A young boy holding his tablet and smiling.
Your child can easily adjust to his new surroundings in Denver.

#6 Moving your business from Silicon Valley to Denver has a Mile High vibe

The lifestyle Denver offers its citizens is arguably the most important element for businesses. The city benefits from its mild climate, with highs often in the 60s and 70s. Denver receives more than 200 days of sunshine annually, which places it among the best American cities. And it’s simple to understand why people adore Denver given the abundance of attractions, the neighboring Rocky Mountains, and the city’s more than 5,000 acres of parks. This is another one in a series of reasons why families are moving out of California. The Mile-High City, with its many breweries and booming marijuana sector, is widely recognized for its laid-back atmosphere. Denver promotes an active way of life and provides quick access to some of the best hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in the world.

In conclusion

To conclude, the reasons to move your business from Silicon Valley to Denver are personal nature, but we hope it helped to decide to relocate to the state of Colorado.

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