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7 Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting event. You finally become the owner of your own property, and you can alter it however you see fit. But, with this excitement comes a fair bit of responsibility. A home, no matter how well built, needs proper care if it’s to remain healthy and sturdy. And one of the critical elements of proper home maintenance is taking good care of your roof. So, to help all those newcomers, we’ve comprised a list of seven must-know roof maintenance tips for homeowners. If you follow them, we can pretty much guarantee that your roof will remain in good condition for years to come.

Must know roof maintenance tips for homeowners

Before we start, it is essential to note that not all roofs are the same. For this article, we will assume that your home has a basic roof. But, if your roof has some extra add-ons like a skylight, solar panels, or special vents, you might need to do some more research. Every extra addon will require its own maintenance. And it is your job, as the homeowner, to know precisely what that extra maintenance entails. With that out of the way, let’s see what you need to do in order to maintain your roof.

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Clean your roof

Let’s start with the most obvious tip: keeping your roof clean. Every extra thing on your roof, be it a branch, dirt, or something that the wind carried, can cause damage – especially if it stays there long. Keep in mind that large objects can fall off on their own accord, potentially putting you and your loved ones in harm’s way.

Regularly treat for moss and algae

Moss and algae are not only unsightly but can also cause substantial issues for your roof. So, once you start cleaning it, make sure that you apply treatment for moss and algae. You can use products that will prevent algae and moss from appearing on your roof. But, while they can be long-lasting, they aren’t permanent, so this part of the maintenance can be a reason to move from a house into a condo for some homeowners.

Clean your gutters

By a similar token, it is important that you keep your gutters clean. While they may seem trivial, gutters are an essential part of every roof. By running correctly, they guide the excess water down the drain. If they get clogged up, the water can easily pile up. Once this happens, the gathered water can start to seep into your roof, causing damage. Come winter, you might even have ice forming in your gutters, causing ice damage. Finally, even if there is no water to speak of, the extra weight from the debris can bend your gutters. At best, this will make them less efficient in clearing out water. At worst, a piece of your gutters can break off and cause further damage to the entire roof structure.

Take care of trees near your roof

Both roof and gutter cleaning can be made much easier if you take the time to trim down the trees near your roof. This is especially important if you have a house on the beach. Ideally, you won’t plant any trees near your home as they can cause trouble. But, if you do, it is paramount that you take proper care of them. This means trimming down any excess branches. Especially those that go over your roof. By doing so, you reduce the amount of debris that will end up on your roof. And you prevent larger branches from falling on it once they die off. Some roofing materials are more resistant to damage. But, it would be best if you nonetheless prevented it from happening as much as possible.

Trees can be a problem.

Use the right insulation

Having a properly insulated roof is a must—both for protecting the structural integrity of the roof as well as protecting your home. So, if you just bought your house, make sure to check the quality of the insulation. A good idea would be to talk to a local company to see whether there are other options that are more suitable for your home. If not, consult them if you see changes or issues with your insulation.

If you need to place new insulation, we would advise you to have professional furniture movers to assist you with getting things out of the attic, primarily if you use it to store family heirlooms like antique furniture. They will not only provide help with heavy lifting but can also help with packing and storage. Once you have a clear path, you can start the project.

Inspect your roof after a storm or heavy snow

No matter how solid or sturdy your roof is, a heavy storm can cause damage. And the main thing to remember with roof issues is that the sooner you attend to them, the less trouble they will be. So, after a notable storm or a season of heavy snow, make sure to perform a basic roof inspection. See if there are any indentations or cracks, and make sure that nothing is leaking through.

Have a professional inspect your roof every six months

In a similar fashion, you should have a professional inspect your roof every six months. Even if you’ve read up a bit on roof inspection, you can hardly match the experience that skilled inspectors have. And, again, the sooner you can fix a problem, the less it is going to cost you. So, in the long run, know that having a professional check out your home twice a year is a good investment.

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Final thoughts

While our roof maintenance tips for homeowners are relatively straightforward, a large number of homeowners don’t adhere to them. Mind you; this is not because they are unaware. It is simply because they grow lazy. Just because there is nothing wrong with your roof now doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future. But, if you can’t maintain it, it probably is better to downsize or find some other solution. A well-maintained roof will last you a lifetime. At the same time, you will have to replace a poorly maintained one every couple of decades if you are lucky.


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