All you should know before moving to Brazil

All you should know before moving to Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country, with a rich historic heritage. Still, there are many different cultural differences, law restrictions, and basic information that you have to learn before moving to Brazil. Moving is a stressful change, and relocating to another country is even bigger one. You need to be careful and avoid moving scams. That’s why you have to be prepared and well organized, so your move will go smoothly as possible.

Geography of Brazil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with a total area of 8,514,877 square kilometers. Geographically speaking, it occupies the largest part of the eastern coast of South America. It borders with all the countries of this continent, except Chile and Ecuador.

The nature and landscape of the country are very versatile.

There is a flat, swampy area (Pantanal) on the west that represents the largest wetland in the world, tropical grasslands that are covering the center of the country (Cerrado), a semi-desert region on the north-east (Caatinga).

Brazil is the home of the most diverse ecosystem in the world – the Amazon rainforest.
The dense forest on the south-eastern and of Brazil has been cleared for the constructions of Brazil’s biggest cities – São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This area covers only 11% of the country, but houses 43% of its population.

Another wonder of nature is on the border between Brazil and Argentina – the spectacular Iguaçu Falls.

You probably heard that the prettiest beaches of the world are in Brazil, but maybe you didn’t know that this country has 2,095 beaches and a 4,655 mile-long coastline.  There is also a volcanic island Fernando de Noronha, which is a popular spot for diving and surfing.

Some of the world's best beaches are located in Brazil.

Brazil has miles of beautiful, white sand beaches.


For the newcomers, it’s not that hard to adapt to Brazil’s diverse culture.
Brazilians are open to newcomers and famous for their welcoming hospitality.
They are very warm people, which, they show physically. Kissing a stranger when meeting them, and hugging is not a custom in western societies, but here it’s a normal way of greeting.

Brazilians are also very religious and they dutifully follow Catholicism and the church holidays. During the Lent, most of them are abstain from meat, alcohol, and other indulgences.

Lent is celebrated by organizing carnivals and begins on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Although the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is most famous, carnivals are organizing throughout Brazil in a variety of styles.

Carnivals in Brazil are the way locals celebrating the Lent.

Carnivals are an important part of the Brazilian culture.


Portuguese is the first language in Brazil. In the touristic parts of Rio de Janeiro and in the city of San Paolo, there are a lot of residents that speak English, but they are in minority.

That’s why you should start with your Portuguese lessons when your decision of moving to Brazil is final.

Spanish won’t take you very far – they are similar, but essentially they are two completely different languages.


Brazil is one of the leading countries in the world in the mining industry, industrial production, with the strong and fastly growing service industry.

It’s also the world’s largest manufacturer of the coffee, oranges, cars, electronics. It’s also amongst the most important manufacturer of the sugar, soy, and beef.

São Paulo is a Brazil’s business capital. It’s the richest and largest city in this country. It has  11 million inhabitants and is the most populated metropolitan area in Brazil.

From 2010, Brazil’s economy is the largest and most powerful economy of Latin America. It’s the world’s eighth largest economy by nominal GDP.

If you are moving to Brazil, you should know that its capital is São Paulo

São Paulo is commercial and business center of Brazil.


Essential information for moving to Brazil

Planning is crucial when you are moving to Brazil from abroad. The better you are organized, the better you will handle the moving process.

  • Make some lists – Don’t try to remember information about your relocation – put it in writing. Make a detailed plan, with every step of your moving to Brazil and write it down. That way, you will have a visual perception of the things that you’ve done, and the things that you still need to do.
  • Paperwork – once you have decided that you are moving to Brazil, the first thing to do is to check is it even possible. There may be some legal restriction that can prevent your relocation. That’s why you have to know all about the documentation that you require. Go to the nearest embassy of Brazil and see what kind of visa and other paperwork you need to require. Once you get everything you need so you can legally enter and stay in Brazil, go and certified all the other papers that you may need.
    Such as diplomas, birth certificate, driver license etc. You never know when you may need them..
  • Hiring a moving company – When you are moving to Brazil from abroad, you need to hire a moving company.
    Discuss your relocation with experienced international movers from Brazil, find the one that is most reliable and let professionals make your move easier. They will help you organize everything, so your belongings will arrive secured and undamaged to Brazil.
  • Find your new home – Finding a place to live is something you should do prior your moving to Brazil. It will be best if you could come to the country before your actual relocation and see the home yourself. Hiring a service of a local real estate company will be a wise decision.

Storage units in Brazil

Once you finish moving to Brazil and unpack all of your stuff, you may realize that you have brought to much stuff. That’s a common thing with the moving process. Even for the ones who make a specific plan of the things they will bring.

Or maybe you did think that you’ve packed only the essentials, but in reality, you’ve packed a lot more.

And maybe they can’t all fit into your new home. Don’t stress about it, it happens to everyone. Especially with the ones who are moving abroad.

If you don’t want to sell or get rid of your belongings that are crowding your new home, there is another solution.

You can rent a storage. There are many reputable and affordable storages in Brazil that will store your items safely.


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