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Best LA neighborhoods for dog owners

When moving with a pet, it is important to find a place that fits you both. Find a place where your dog can feel happy. Your best friend will be grateful if he/she has enough space to play. If you are moving to Los Angeles, find LA neighborhoods for dog owners with a lot of dog-friendly parks. Where to start? How to move with a dog? How to organize a relocation and how to choose where to move? Having a guide may help you a lot when moving to a new city. Make moving with pets easy to handle.

The list of LA neighborhoods for dog owners

Where are pet-friendly LA neighborhoods and how to choose the right place for you to move? Luckily for you and your best friend, Los Angeles, CA is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the USA, so your search will not the that difficult.

Highway to Los Angeles.
Move to Los Angeles with your dog and make sure to choose the right neighborhood

The weather is great for dogs, LA has a lot of trails and places for walking, including parks. Also, Los Angeles offers class medical care for pets and you don’t have to worry.

  • Silver Lake
  • Studio City
  • Downtown LA
  • Santa Monica
  • Los Feliz
  • Hollywood
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Fairfax
  • WeHo

Where you will move doesn’t only depend on your dog’s needs. The financial factor is also very important. Know which neighborhood you can afford, starting with the rent because it is the main cost when living in LA. Also, you should pick an apartment that is dog-friendly and where your dog can feel cozy.

Hire a pet-friendly company

To move your dog, you have two main options. To move your dog by yourself or to hire a company that is specialized in dog relocation. The first option is good if you move by car, but for a long-distance relocation or if you have more dogs, it may be safer to have professionals by your side. One of those companies that can move you long-distance is FlatRate Moving or you can hire other types of moving services as well.

Friends with a dog in one of the LA neighborhoods for dog owners
Your dog depends on you, make sure the place where you will live is good for your pet, and yourself.

Prepare for moving with a dog

Pack an essential moving box for your dog and unpack your dog’s things first after moving to your new home in Los Angeles. A dog can feel that something is going on and moving can make your dog nervous or sad. After moving to one of the LA neighborhoods for dog owners – walk your dog and he/she will meet a new environment.

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