Best Hollywood neighborhoods for family relocation.

Charming Hollywood neighborhoods for families with kids

Hollywood itself is a borough or neighborhood. Moreover, it may be one of the most important and well-known neighborhoods in the world. There is almost no person in the world who hasn’t at least heard about Hollywood, let alone watch some of the films from Hollywood production. However, Hollywood is not only a place where filmmakers go to direct their movies. Can you imagine, people actually live in Hollywood. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most charming Hollywood neighborhoods (and ones bordering the borough itself) for families with kids.

Previously, we have explored the top 3 LA neighborhoods for seniors, now it’s time to turn our attention to Hollywood neighborhoods for families. So, without further ado, let’s explore the most important borough in the world!

Hollywood sign.
Let’s explore some of the best Hollywood neighborhoods fpr families with kids.

Spaulding Square

Spaulding Square is a small, but charming community of Hollywood. You have probably seen this neighborhood already, but you weren’t aware that you are looking at it. For example, one of the most important horror movies, Halloween, was filmed at this location. There was the filming of another important and famous horror movie here, A Nightmare on Elm Street. But if you are afraid of the dark, don’t worry, Spaulding Square doesn’t have anything to do with the supernatural in real life.

Or does it?

This neighborhood has some interesting architecture. Here you can see anything from renaissance architecture to colonial-style bungalows. The City of Los Angeles even protects Spaulding Square as a place of great importance. This neighborhood has a bunch of middle-class homes. This makes it a perfect place for families with children. It is a nice and safe neighborhood with great neighborhoods in the vicinity. Just make sure to pack your belongings like a professional before you decide to move to this interesting and important neighborhood!

Little Armenia

This neighborhood was named after Armenians who escaped genocide at the beginning of the 20th century.

Hollywood neighborhoods with Armenian church.
In the begginign of 20th century, Armenians came to LA, and organized one of the best Hollywood neighborhoods.

Today, this neighborhood isn’t populated only by Armenians, although they still do live here. Our friends from LD Moving and Storage tell us that, many of the novels, short stories, and poems of Charles Bukowski are set in Little Armenia. If you decide to read some of his novels, make sure to read them in Little Armenia. Also, Little Armenia is home to a fantastic and glorious movie theatre, Vista. Make sure to check it out if you decide to move to Little Armenia. You won’t regret it!

Melrose Hill

Located north of Melrose Avenue, south of Santa Monica Blvd., east of Western Avenue, and west of the Hollywood Freeway, Melrose Hill is a neighborhood that is designated as a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. LA protects a part of Spaulding Square that way too. Homes in this protected area rarely change hands, but homes around them are being offered on the market all the time.

A charming area, it offers much to its residents. You’ll be in the middle of Hollywood if you decide to own a home here. It truly is a charming Hollywood neighborhood for families with kids. So get ready for your California move!

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