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From LA to Washington DC: cross country move organization tips

A cross country move is for sure a difficult thing do to, especially when you’ve got lots of luggage, planning, and synchronizing to do. Which of course gets double or triple in volume, depending on the number of members your family has. And for everything to get even harder, LA to DC is the equivalent of traveling more than half the country. You can always read about what it means to organize an interstate relocation but in addition to this, here are also five tips that might come in handy once you’ve taken your decision to do it.

1. First things first

You are for sure under a lot of pressure to get there on time, but this doesn’t mean you should pick up just anyone. It’s your belongings we are talking about so try and be picky about the movers as well. Our readers left some good reviews for Excalibur Moving and Storage, so you might want to check them out for your cross country move.

Cars on a cross country move from LA.
Stepping outside your comfort zone can be tough, but it’s for sure worth it.

2. Be as generous as you can

If you’re usually the no-tipping person, this is the time to change that. You want your belongings to get there intact. And this is up to the actual movers to make sure that happens. So be a generous tipper from the moment they start packing your stuff. They will pay extra attention to your items as long as you actually pay for their attention.

3. Moving insurance – a must for your cross country move

Purchasing moving insurance is not a luxury, it is definitely something you might consider ticking on your to-do list. Especially while considering an interstate move to Washington DC. For an extra set of invisible eyes, you could be having to guard your items, it’s for sure worth every single penny at the end of the day. Engage certified professionals to help you move but also choose the best package for this, according to the type of agreement you’re about to sign.

Hollywood sign on a hill above LA.
If you need to leave LA, know that Washington DC is a worthy destination.

4. Time for some “wardrobe trimming”

The new location, new life, new style. Make sure you’re only packing the things you really like and/or need for your cross country move. It’s absolutely pointless to pay money for transporting useless items when you could just as easily put a little extra something once arriving at the American Rome and buy things that fit the new whole environment you’re stepping into.

5. Stick to the documents

Planning is all about foreseeing events. Just keep in mind that once you leave the City of Angels, it is crucial having your documentation in handy. This way you can fully enjoy your new destination, the Capital of the World.

Panorama of Washington DC.
Every inch of Washington is waiting for you to arrive.

Once taken care of these fundamental five aspects abovementioned, you can already start thinking about sunny DC. Every inch of Washington is waiting for you to arrive. Should you need some extra input on how to manage all these aspects even better, find more information online. You will discover advice from tested movers, who know what a cross country move really is about. They will for sure bombard you with a lot of suggestions. You just need to decide which one suits you the best.

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