Well-lit bedroom with one of the best windows for your bedroom.

Guide to choosing the best windows for your bedroom

When you’re renovating, you want to try and make all the right choices. And now it’s time to choose the right windows for your bedroom. So, should you really spend your time making this decision? Why is choosing the best windows for your bedroom so important? Because windows provide the right appeal, safety, and energy efficiency. And windows can make your room look bigger. But, there are many kinds and styles of windows, making this process potentially overwhelming. But don’t worry, read on and find out about the different types of windows.

Types of windows to know when choosing the best windows for your bedroom

There are many types of windows that you can find to be the best choice for your bedroom. But, it depends on your preference and the other types of windows on your house. Some windows allow more air-flow, while some windows go well with other particular types of windows. Some will go well with your apartment when you move to NYC as a professional artist, while some will look great at your house in suburbia. So, let’s see what types you should consider when choosing the best windows for your bedroom.

Single and double-hung windows

Single and double-hung windows have two vertically stacked sashes. But, the difference is, with double-hung windows, you can open both sashes, so they should be your top choice if you want a lot of air-flow. On the other side, single-hung windows have one fixed sash, while another one can be moved. Because they allow a lot of air-flow, they’re usually used in kitchens and bedrooms.


Casement windows are used for tall and narrow openings and are attached to its frame by hinges on one side. They’re great in hot climates since you can open sash 90 degrees outward and direct breeze inside. On the other hand, they have lower air leakage rates than sliding windows. Casement windows that are hinged at the top are called awning windows.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are used for wider openings and have two sashes that are horizontal to each other. Double sliding windows have two sashes that can both be moved, unlike the single sliding windows. They’re good windows for the bedroom because you can control the air-flow.

Chair in front of a sliding window.

Sliding windows are a good choice for your bedroom

Picture windows might not be the first choice as the best windows for your bedroom

These windows do not open. While they allow natural light, they don’t allow fresh air. For this reason, when choosing the best windows for your bedroom, you should combine picture windows with other windows that can be opened.

Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows project outward and create a bay in a room. The difference is that bow windows are curved bay windows, hey have rounded shapes and smaller angles. They create wonderful reading or eating areas, which is why they are usually used in living or dining rooms. However, you can also use them in your bedroom, too.

Bay window.

Bay windows create a lovely reading or eating area

Custom-shape windows

When choosing the best windows for your bedroom, you probably won’t choose custom-shaped, or geometric windows. Typically, these are smaller windows and they come in different shapes. Their main purpose is decorative. However, they can be used in children’s rooms, especially on walls of smaller surfaces, as they will provide the necessary light.


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