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Guide to moving from Hollywood to Seattle

Are you planning on moving from Hollywood to Seattle this year? Well, be sure that you are not the only one! Hollywood is a great place to live but it has limited job positions and living there comes with a hefty price tag. Seattle, on the other hand, comes with many pros – high standard of living, plenty of housing options to chose from, a booming economy, jobs for everyone’s skills, top-notch education and health systems, and soo much more. Trust us, Seattle will treat you well. And, we are here to help you prepare for moving there. Thus, here is our guide to moving from Hollywood to Seattle.

Find Your New Home Before Moving from Hollywood to Seattle

First things first, before moving from Hollywood to Seattle, make sure you have found your new home! And, why is that important? Well, if you decide to move and then to look for your new dream home, you will unnecessarily spend too much of your time, energy, and of course, money. Just imagine how much staying in hotels and keeping all of your belongings in a storage unit will cost you. A fortune, let us tell you. So, avoid that, and find your new home before anything else. If you experience any difficulties, consider hiring a real estate agent to help you out. This is the first step for preparing for your next big move.

A person holding a key of a new home when moving from Hollywood to Seattle comes to its end.

Buy or rent your home before moving from Hollywood to Seattle!

Then, Find a Professional Moving Company

Once you have found your new home, it is time to decide whether you want to hire a moving agency to help you relocate or you want to have a DIY kind of relocation. Yes, the second option is cheaper, but it is time and energy-consuming. The first option will come with a price tag, but it will also come with professional and trained movers. They will be able to plan your relocation, pack your items properly, and transport everything safely to your new address. Moreover, movers will help you transport your items to a PortaBox Storage Seattle if necessary, in case you have not found your home yet, or you are not sure what to do with the extra stuff you have. 

A pile of boxes.

If you want your relocation to be a stress-free one, hire the best people for the job!

Clean, Declutter, Organize!

Organizing and decluttering all of your belongings before moving from Hollywood to Seattle is an absolute must! Yes, this process can be a pain, but once you are finished, you will feel ‘lighter’. Moreover, by doing this, you will be able to speed up your Hollywood relocation and make it lighter on your wallet as you will have fewer items to pack and relocate. Thus, do yourself a favor and declutter everything. Decide what is not going with you to your new Seattle home, and then donate, sell, or throw it away. And, for the items that are coming with you, we suggest cleaning and organizing them neatly so that the entire process of relocation goes smoothly and quickly.

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