Mobile Home Trailer - Moving your mobile home to another state

Guide to moving your mobile home to another state

Mobile homes are great because you have the chance to move them one day. So, they offer you this freedom. But, that is not easy. The process of moving your mobile home to another state involves many things. Some of them are deconstruction, permits, and finding appropriate transport. 

Here’s a guide to moving your mobile home to another state. The guide covers the most significant aspects of relocating your house. So, if you wonder how to prepare for a move continue reading.

Home Mobile - Guide to moving your mobile home to another state
Use this guide to moving your mobile home to another state.

What to know about moving your mobile home to another state?

When you’re moving your mobile home, you must know some crucial aspects.

  • You will probably not be able to relocate home completely intact. The only homes that can be relocated in one piece are the ones that perfectly fit onto licensed trailers. Such as single-wide homes. Other ones must be deconstructed into separate pieces.
  • Home needs to be able to stay intact during the journey. For this, the home must be in good condition. So, that means you can’t move older homes. Also, professionals like All Season Movers have inspectors that can assist you in assessing this.

Cost of moving a mobile home to another state

One of the essential things to consider before you begin the relocation process is the cost of the move. You must know how much it costs to move home, so you can have your finances sorted.

Usually, it cost $15,000 or more to move a home long distance. To get a rough cost estimate, calculate the expenses at about $5 to $10 per mile. 

However, the distance isn’t the only concern. Other aspects can significantly impact costs:

  • Home size. Bigger homes are more expensive to transport. 
  • Weight of your belongings for transportation.
  • The route is the next thing you should consider.
  • Don’t forget to collect the necessary permits you need.
  • The costs of any possible repairs

Prepare your home

There is a lot to take care of to prepare your home for the move. But, your moving company will help you much. And if you need to transport your vehicle as well, then these movers can do that also. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Close any openings to the homes. Secure the windows, doors, and shutters, so they don’t fly open on the road.
  • Remove any skirtings and trim on the exterior. They can be damaged in transport. 
  • Remove any loose objects from the home. That includes heavy furniture.
  • Also, remove objects that are breakable and fragile. For example, toilet covers and glass cabinet doors.
Mobile Home Transport Vehicle
Make sure you prepare your mobile home for moving.

Change your utilities

Before you plan on moving your mobile home to another state, disconnect utilities. So, disconnect water, power, plumbing, sewage, and gas lines. Also, don’t forget about the phone lines. All the utilities must be connected once again when the home arrives at the new place.

Many movers include disconnecting and installing as part of their transportation package. But, that’s not always the case. So, if they don’t provide the service, hire electricians, plumbers. Or you can pay the utility company to come out. 

Also, make sure you research utility companies in the state you’re moving to. Call the in advance so you can connect your utilities once the house is in place.

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