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Helping Your Elderly Parent Move From LA to Denver

One of the first tips we share with anyone who is relocating is to start the process by creating a moving plan. Whether you are the one moving or are helping someone else move, a plan is there to keep you be organized and on time. A move from LA to Denver can be simple and easy, especially if you happen to be helping your elderly parent relocate. As most people get overwhelmed by a move, there are ways to simplify this exciting experience and go through it stress-free. To learn more about having a hassle-free move for your parents keep on reading for our efficient tips.

Helping Your Parent Move

If you are helping your elderly parent move from LA to Denver, it’s important that you take over all moving responsibilities. Whether they are downsizing to a smaller space, moving in with you, or going into an assisted living community, take care of the planning and organizing for them. At that age, relocating is already tough enough, therefore they don’t need to worry about every single aspect of moving between these two states

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Take on the planning and organizing aspects of this move to make it easier on your parent.

Hence, one of the first things you could do is sit down with your parent and plan the relocation together. Jot down all important elements from start to finish, while setting up a budget with them. Letting them know you are there for them through this big step is a big deal and they will appreciate the assistance.

Move From LA to Denver

As you rely on your moving plan, ensure that you take care of booking with a moving company. For example, we suggest contacting Los Angeles Transfer and Storage ahead of the move and ensuring to get your quote and moving date on time. Knowing that that part is all taken care of will be a relief. You can let your elderly parent know that the transfer of their items for their move from LA to Denver is all taken care of. 

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Help your parents pack by going room by room, and packing efficiently.


Meanwhile, the packing will need to be planned out well and efficiently. The more organized the packing process, the easier it will be to unpack later on. Start by gathering all packing supplies necessary to make this move possible and successful. To stay within budget, we suggest reaching out to local stores and asking if they have any extra cardboard boxes to give away. Chances are each store might have a few and you’ll be able to gather lots of boxes without spending a penny. In addition, ensure to get lots of tapes and cushioning so that you avoid items getting damaged mid transfer.

As seniors, even your parent has probably collected a lot of valuable and meaningful items throughout the years. Help them sort out through their things to make sure that packing is organized. Perhaps even try to get them to categorize between what they really want to keep, and which items they could possibly give away to others. At the end of the day, moving is a little bit easier with less stuff.


A move from LA to Denver is quite long, therefore it is important to consider transportation with your elderly parent. A long trip like that might need to be taken with breaks, or you could consider booking a flight and making that same trip easier for them. Consider the time required to get to Denver, and seek the best option overall.

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Consider booking a flight instead of driving from LA to Denver as it will be easier for your parent.

Health Care

Moving from one state to another also requires you to take care of your parent’s health care. We suggest doing this before the move and ensuring everything is set up before you move from LA to Denver. If you need help finding good health care, do your research and get recommendations from their current doctor.

Welcome to Denver

If you are able to go to Denver before you help them move, and set up their new home, that would be of great help. Your elderly parent might find it hard to leave their previous home, therefore it would be extremely helpful to set up their new home which will provide comfort as soon as they arrive. The key is to organize thoughtfully and make it feel like their home before.

Another helpful aspect would be to get the new layout of their Denver home ahead of time. This way you can plan and organize where what can go and if there is space for everything. There is also the option of storage to use while they settle down. This way you don’t have to worry about fitting everything in case there isn’t enough time or space. Moreover, while trying to keep things familiar, consider adding new and exciting aspects to the home. Maybe there is something they have always wanted in a home but didn’t have a chance to, until now. Surprise them with whatever that is so that they have something new to look forward to. 

Senior Moving

Helping your elderly parent move from LA to Denver can be very successful with solid planning and organization skills. The key is to make this move as smooth as possible for them. Delegate responsibilities and take care of the little details. The overall goal is to ensure there are no bumps along this moving road, and that your parent looks forward to the move and sees it as a positive experience.

Therefore, plan out this move from the beginning, middle to end, and ensure to take care of all moving aspects ahead of time. Check off the moving company, transportation, packing, and health care before you get to decorating their new home. Overall, as long as you are there to assist them through this, it is already a good start.

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