How to handle high end items when preparing for a move

Moving valuable items can be very stressful. Even if you are moving ordinary belongings, it won’t be easy. That is why you have to be prepared for your upcoming relocation. Know how to handle high end items before moving, learn it as soon as possible. The last thing you need right now is additional stress and more expenses.

Organize well!

To prepare for a move and to have an organize Hollywood relocation, make sure to start early with packing and other moving tasks. But, packing is one of the tasks that will take you most of the time. Usually, one month. Depending of course, how many items you have to move to your new home.

When it comes to high end items, they require more attention, no matter are you moving locally or long distance. During transportation, items can be damaged, or even lost. Imagine that your valuable item is damaged, that will be a huge expense.

luxurious chair
Moving special items is not easy, and also it is very stressful task, but it is possible to accomplish it

Handle high end items and move like a pro

It is possible to move high end items in California. But, you need to prepare for this type of relocation. When it comes to your most valuable possessions, be extra careful and pay a special attention to them. Expensive jewelry, old family heirlooms, antique furniture, art, china, etc. All of these items need to be packed and moved properly, without making any mistake.

Hire a professional mover

For moving special items, it is highly recommended to have a reliable and reputable moving company to help you out. But, of course, you cannot hire any company. After all, your most expensive items will be in their hands. Choosing the right mover is a key. Spend some time researching movers from California, and contact a couple of different companies. You need to compare them, in order to choose the best one.

Consider hiring white glove movers. White glove movers will ensure full coverage for your valuable inventory and you won’t have to handle all of the things by yourself. Just simply, let experts do the job and you can focus on other moving-related tasks.

Experts have a lot of experience and knowledge, which is very important when moving, especially when moving special and valuable items. Professionals can move delicate artwork, expensive furniture, antiques, expensive china, temperature-sensitive items, fragile items, etc.

Know the value of your valuables

Before starting with moving preparation, know the value of your valuables. Make an inventory and know how much any of those items cost. Also, calculate the costs of moving and packing services, it is also important to know how much money you need to separate for Hollywood relocation.

Why is it important to know exactly how much your high end items worth? Because of the insurance purposes. If something goes wrong, for example, some items are damaged after the transportation, you should have the right insurance to cover that damage. You know, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to valuables. To handle high end items like a pro, get the right insurance.

A company you will hire must be insured and ask about the additional insurance packages, so you will be fully covered.

Choose the right materials and packing supplies

All the items must properly be packed because this way you will protect them. When packing for Hollywood moving choose the right packing material and supplies for all your items. Keep in mind that some items are sensitive to high heat, and temperatures in California are high, especially during the summer months. In this case, you will need a temperature-controlled moving vehicle, and a temperature-controlled storage unit (if you need it).

Don’t use old cardboard moving boxes for your valuables. If the materials you will choose are right, they won’t scratch your valuable items and damage them. Professional moving companies have all the equipment you will need.

Moving boxes.
Don’t use old moving boxes to pack and move your fragile, sensitive, and valuable items, it is not safe

Use special boxes for framed artwork

What to do if you need to move expensive paintings and other framed artwork. The first step is to get the special boxes and paintings won’t move inside. For fine art moving, ask a professional for help or advice. Good Neighbors Moving Company should give you a helping hand in this situation since they have experience.

You can order custom-made moving boxes to handle high end items when moving. This is common when moving long-distance, but you can do it when moving locally too.

Pack valuables separately

Don’t put all the valuable items in the same box, even if you have a collection of smaller valuable items. Each item should be individually packed and handled with special attention. Wrap each one individually in air bubble foil and make sure that they’ll all be protected during the transportation.

Don’t use newspaper for wrapping valuables. Most people do use newspapers, but they can be used only for ordinary items when moving locally. It is a totally different situation with high-end items.

Moving checklist helps you handle high end items.
Create a checklist and make an inventory also, everything must be there


One thing is certain, you will need help handle high end items when moving. If you are moving for the first time, even more. So, you will need packing materials, insurance, and professional moving assistance. Start as soon as possible with the moving preparation. Create a moving checklist and you will be organized. It is easy to create a personalized moving checklist or download it online. There are many moving apps that can be really helpful as well.

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