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How to help movers relocate your home in a day

Generally, there is a lot of available information about moving on the internet. From various ways to pack, to choosing the right movers. However, there is one thing we usually tend to forget due to the rush and panic of the moving process. It’s that there are ways to help movers relocate your home in a day. Yes, you can greatly increase the possibility to end the entire moving thing by the end of the day. Just pay attention to a couple of small tricks and you will make it.

Small tricks to help movers relocate your home in a day

As you already know, hiring professionals is probably the best way to deal with your belongings. But, you don’t want your moving process to last too long. So, here are a couple of tricks to speed up and help both yourself and your movers on a moving day:

  • Don’t stay on their way, they are professionals after all
  • Don’t pack on a moving day, finish it before
  • Get rid of unnecessary things
  • Make “one room at a time” plan
  • Label your boxes clearly
  • Clear the way

Don’t stay on their way, they are professionals after all

Even if you are in the temptation of trying to help them with carrying and talking, don’t. Just don’t. After all, they are professionals and you hired them to do their job. So, let them do it. Don’t “stick your nose where it doesn’t belong” and ask too many questions. Believe it or not, even though they are professionals you can still distract them. Moreover, sometimes it can be dangerous to both people and your items.

Don’t pack on a moving day, finish it before

Chances are, for local moving or short distance moving, you will pack your items yourself. Make sure you are done with it before the moving day. You won’t help anyone if you add boxes while loading is already in progress. They have their routines and rules they follow so you can disrupt it. Also, it’s a waste of time if they have to wait for you to finish your packing on a moving day.

People like you planning moving to help movers relocate your home in a day.

Carefully plan everything.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Usually, you will want to separate the items that are meant for donation or junk removal. In fact, the best way would be to deal with junk removal service at least a day before movers arrive. Because, they don’t have the time, the will, or knowledge about what you are planning to do. Even if they are willing to deal with it, it can cost you more.

Make “one room at a time” plan

When packing, try to deal with one room at a time. Make sure not to forget to clear everything from the drawers and closets. It easy to forget something in unorganized packing, so one room at a time would be a perfect solution.

Label your boxes clearly

Labeling your boxes clearly can help your movers big time. If possible, try to mark everything in different colors. One color for each room. Also, don’t forget to write the destination and weight. It doesn’t have to be absolutely precise but approximate weight can help your movers while loading. One more thing, don’t pack heavy items together. And, if something is fragile, make sure to write it on the box.

A box, with “fragile” label.

Labeling is crucial when packing for moving.

Clear the way

You can greatly help movers relocate your home in a day if you make everything accessible. Clear out the walking area in your home. Make sure nothing is blocking the stairs. Sharp corners and tight doorways can always make some trouble. So, dismantle your large furniture before moving. Also, check if there are some slippery parts on the floor. Unfortunately, many injuries can occur while carrying heavy furniture, so prevent it.


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