A motorcycle in a garage before you prepare your motorcycle for a move.

How to prepare your motorcycle for a move

Having a motorcycle is very common in California. A lot of people ride them as they are very convenient. As California is a state with a lot of traffic around LA, having a motorcycle means getting anywhere whenever you need to as you are able to drive between cars during traffic. But when it comes to moving, it isn’t such a grateful thing to own. Especially if moving long distances. You can’t possibly relocate on your motorcycle. This means that you have to ship it. And as you probably don’t know how to prepare your motorcycle for a move, we are here to give you a couple of tips that you need to know. This will help you relocate your motorcycle easily and safely.

Find a shipping company

No matter whether you are driving a Harley Davidson or a Yamaha, you need to find a good shipping company. And it needs to be a good one. Especially if driving an expensive motorcycle as Harley Davidson is. When you turn to specialized, trustworthy people, you can expect your motorcycle to be in good hands throughout the whole relocation. And this is the kind of security you need. This is your vehicle and you want to make sure that it stays safe undamaged while relocating it.

Harley Davidson motorcycle
Moving a Harley Davidson with professionals is necessary.

Don’t try and do these things alone. Professional movers and shipping companies know just how to pack and transport these big, expensive items without causing any damage to them. But you don’t. And the damage you cause might end up being more expensive than if you were to hire movers or shippers in the first place.

Prepare your motorcycle for a move

You need to prepare your motorcycle for a move. And as you might not know just what goes into this preparation, we are here to tell you. The first thing you need to do is service your motorcycle. Making sure that it is in good condition before the move is very important. This way you will know afterward whether the damage was caused during the relocation.

motorcycle engine
Service your motorcycle before moving it.

After you do that, you need to make sure that your motorcycle is clean. And it has to be clean in order for you to see any scratches or dents. Sometimes when your bike is dirty you can’t really tell where the scratches are. Plus, having a clean motorcycle as soon as you move is a big plus. You can start driving it right away.

After you clean your motorcycle, you need to remove its battery and empty the gas tank. During relocation, a lot of things can go wrong if the gas tank is full. But don’t empty it all the way out. Leave some inside in case you or the shippers need to drive it. Also, remember to remove the battery as it can get damaged if exposed to high temperatures and you don’t know whether that is going to happen. This all goes for when you are transporting your RV from coast to coast.

Packing hacks

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