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Leaving California – pros and cons

Moving was never an easy task to do. Are you considering leaving California for good? How to be sure you are making the right call? One of the solutions is to make a list of all the things why you should stay and why you should leave.

We assume that you had a similar list when you were moving to California in the first place. Take your time, and do research before making any step.

Pros and cons of leaving California

Do you need a quick list of general things why to leave CA and why not leave it? Don’t waste any time, and start thinking and considering both options.

Collecting pros and cons of leaving California.

Collect all the pros and cons before making the final decision

Why leave?

  • The costs of living are very high, and if you can’t manage your budget, it is a big problem.
  • It is loud and crowded. Califonia has almost 40 million people, that’s a lot.
  • Very hot especially during the summer months. It may be very exhausting sometimes.
  • Traffic is crazy and there are not enough parking spaces in the cities.
  • Water tastes differently.

If you have more pros for moving out, then do it right and move out of California with professionals by your side. But, before you make a call and contact a moving company, look at bad sides. Why not leave? Living in CA has many advantages too. 

Why stay?

  • The ocean is breathtaking, and if you love to relax on the beach, CA has many of them.
  • The mountains are beautiful as well as the entire nature.
  • If you love sunny days and snow is not your thing, CA is perfect for you.
  • A lot of ethnic diversity and bi-racial families and after leaving California you will see that it’s not a case everywhere.
  • There is always something happening and it is never boring. Events, festivals, new restaurants opening, filming movies, concerts, etc.


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