Long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn

Let’s face it – long distance moving is never easy, no matter where you’re going; that’s why many people are intimidated by the process. But that’s true even if you’re about to relocate somewhere alone. However, when you’ve got your family with you, it’s an entirely different ordeal we’re talking about. And that’s why we’re here to give you some helpful tips on making a long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn! Read on, and enjoy!

Why is a long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn difficult?

Before we get into the details of how you’re going to organize your Brooklyn relocation, there’s something else to discuss first. Namely, why are family moves perceived as much more difficult to pull off successfully than moving on your own? To put it simply, family relocations are harder than single moves because of sheer numbers; when you’re relocating with more people, every single task is at least two times harder. Plus, the very decision of moving is not so easy to make, and there are simply more factors to take into account while doing so. For example, you may desperately want to move, but your partner might be less keen on the idea.

Or, on the other hand, your children may have an issue with leaving their school, and all of their friends. Sure, there are plenty of places in NYC where kids can have fun after a long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn; but, at the end of the day, they will certainly miss their little buddies. But if you’ve just got a great job offer in New York, or you’re simply certain that this is what’s best for your family, then you shouldn’t flinch, nor allow yourself to be intimidated by the challenges. If you’re certain that your point of view is correct, persevere; in the end, everyone will be grateful and simply better off.

Getting everyone on board

If you take a look at relevant studies, you’ll find that the main reason why family relocations turn sour is because some of the family members simply didn’t want to move in the first place. However, you can avoid getting stuck in that situation, if you truly think far enough ahead. With that in mind, long before you hire a company like jpurbanmoving.com, you’ll want to be sure that the entirety of your family is on board with the decision to move. And, primarily, that means your spouse. Let’s face it – while the kids’ feelings are important, they’re way too young to have a mature opinion on a long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn. That’s why convincing your spouse is crucial, as the kids will soon follow suit.

A baby and a toddler laying next to each other.

Family relocations definitely present their share of challenges!

Obviously, in a marriage, sometimes people have disagreements. If your spouse isn’t that happy with the idea of moving, approaching them correctly with this thought is hugely important. You don’t want to seem overly aggressive while pushing for this idea. Instead, you want them to slowly come around, and realize that this sort of move is what’s best for everybody. Take some time to tell them all about the advantages that Brooklyn and NYC provide to everyone who live there. Talk of Broadway shows and business opportunities, and the plethora of great schools for the kids. At some point, they’re all bound to come around.

Timing is of the essence

When we take a look at how people adjust after a long-distance family relocation to Brooklyn, there’s always one thing that stands out as a crucial factor, and that is – timing. That’s right, the mistake that many long-distance moving beginners fail to avoid is not timing their relocation correctly (to their huge detriment). And this is doubly true if your children are of school age. If you decide to relocate at the end of a school year, this can turn out to be the perfect time. Why? Because it will allow them to avoid being the new kid in class in the middle of the school year. Plus, it’ll also give them enough free time to focus on digesting the news regarding the relocation.

A woman sitting next to her toddler.

Moving when your children are younger is a better than moving when they’ve grown!

Also, bear in mind that moving while your children are very young is actually one of the best times to do it. As they get older, they develop more and more social dynamics and routines. However, unlike adults, their emotional development does not yet allow them to easily change their social scenery. That’s why moving is the worst for teenagers. They’ve got the most social baggage tying them down to their current homes. But if you give them the time to say their goodbyes, and don’t uproot them in the middle of the school year, then it should all be fine.

Communication is key

If you consider what moving means for everyone involved, you’ll quickly realize something: this is an issue that you need to address together, as a family. Indeed, good communication is crucial here, as you want to discuss the whole idea of a long-distance relocation to Brooklyn with both your children and your partner. And if you’ve got younger kids, obviously, they won’t be able to weigh in that much. But still, having their voices heard will help them cope with the idea of moving a lot easier. They’ll have a feeling that they’ve got a say in the matter, even though it technically might not be true.

A family taking a stroll in the park.

Communication is crucial for a family relocation.

But, when you start off your relocation with an equal discussion where everyone can participate, everything goes over much more smoothly. Should you start things of like that, you’ll plan each step of the move together. Everyone will do something to help out. Someone will prepare the available choices among top NYC neighborhoods, someone will find a few good moving companies – it’ll be a team effort!

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