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Mistakes to avoid as a Californian moving to NYC

Adapting to a place such as New York is often tough. The city is like no other, so it can be challenging to adjust wherever you are coming from. Even people who come from a big city often make mistakes in adjusting to NYC life. So, if you’re a Californian moving to NYC soon, we’ve got your back. Be prepared with our list of mistakes you should avoid after relocation and make sure your adjustment process goes as smoothly as possible.

Not planning your move on time

This is a common mistake for travelers all around the country. Not planning your move on time can cost you a lot of money, energy, and time in the end. Moving in a hurry usually results in a lot of stress, making more mistakes, and paying more for moving services. Start making plans weeks or even months before this cross-country relocation and ensure everything goes without any issues.

A person planning a move
Plan your move in detail to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Choosing a random moving company

This move from California to New York is quite specific. Firstly, you’re moving long-distance, and secondly, NYC can be quite confusing if you don’t have the right kind of help. Divine Moving and Storage experts recommend hiring a team that has experience with such relocations. A moving company from NYC will handle your items without any issues, as they are familiar with the city, traffic, and other factors.

Not preparing for NYC weather

California’s blessed you with all the sunshine and warm days, right? Well, NYC will let you experience four distinct seasons – including hot summers and very cold winters. Moving from California can be quite a shock in terms of weather. Don’t make a mistake and underestimate weather conditions in NYC – as a Californian moving to NYC, you can get pretty cold.

Bringing a car

It’s true that life in California requires you to own a car. Californians go everywhere by car, and it’s a simple necessity over there. On the other hand, a car can only bring you a headache in NYC. Lack of parking spaces, parking and maintenance prices but also great public transportation make people give up on their vehicles. So, don’t make a mistake as a Californian moving to NYC and leave your car behind.

 a Californian moving to NYC waiting a metro
Most New Yorkers use public transportation.

Not planning storage space

New York has a lot more residents than most California cities, which results in much smaller homes. One-bedroom apartments, studios, and even micro-homes are probably the most common in NYC. That’s why one of the mistakes you can make as a Californian moving to NYC is not planning your storage options well. It’s essential to pack the items that can fit your new home in NYC, and be more organized in terms of storage. New Yorkers deal with a lack of space by getting extra storage outside their homes – one of the options to consider if you don’t want to give up on your items. It can be a long-term, affordable solution that can save you space and make your home more comfortable.

Finally, the last mistake you can make as a Californian moving to NYC is to keep comparing the Big Apple to your old home. It’s okay to feel homesick, but this shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying life in one of the greatest places on the planet. Embrace New York in all its glory and make this one of the best chapters in your life.

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