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Moving from LA to Toronto

Moving is something that requires great preparation and research, especially if you are relocating your life to a different country. And you can’t do it in a day. But, important thing is that if you plan everything ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy the whole process. As a matter of fact, moving can actually be very exciting. Even though transfer from the West Coast to Canada is an expensive and bold undertaking, it definitely worths! And it seems about right for someone who lived near Hollywood to move to Hollywood North. In order to speed up your research, here are some very useful moving from LA to Toronto tips.

Important things you should check before moving from LA to Toronto

Get familiar with weather conditions

Prepare for a cold weather before moving from La to Toronto

Make sure you buy some warm clothing for a cold Toronto winters

Life in the North can be very different from the one in California. The biggest difference will probably be weather conditions. You will swap hot summers for the white winters. Even though cold weather has its own perks, you should prepare for it. But do not worry, as you will not miss sunshine. Despite the general opinion that is always cold in Canada, it is very pleasant during summer months in Toronto. Just be sure you have the winter jacket, because you will need it during the year.

Compare living costs

Toronto is not a cheap place to live in. In all honesty, it is one of the most expensive cities in whole Canada. Luckily, if you are moving from LA to Toronto, you will probably not feel much difference in prices. Even though restaurant bills are similar to the ones in Los Angeles, the price of groceries can be slightly bigger. Other things that are more expensive in Toronto are transportation, utilities, clothing, and entertainment.

On the other hand, healthcare can be very affordable, especially if you can get coverage by Ontario Health Insurance Plan. By the way, Canada has on of the best healthcare systems in the whole world. To get back to the point, next to healthcare, you will spend less money on childcare and rent in Toronto.

Job market

In case you are moving from LA to Toronto for a better job offer, you can skip this part. But if you’re going to pursue a job in Toronto by yourself, there are things you should be aware of. Toronto is among most prosperous cities in Canada. There are more than one hundred thousand active businesses in the city. Forasmuch as Toronto is the biggest financial center in the country, most of the job positions are in close connection with banking and finance sector. Not to mention a vast number of opportunities in the Toronto Stock Exchange which is the biggest stock exchange in the world.

Stock exchange prices on display

Toronto Stock Exchange offers many job positions

On the other side, if you are not a financial enthusiast, there are numerous opportunities in the IT industry. More importantly, this applies to all levels of IT knowledge – from junior to senior. In any case, good education, some experience and good English and French skills will get you to a job position in Toronto in no time.

Eligibility and visas for moving from LA to Toronto

Before you start to plan anything, you should check if you are eligible for moving to Toronto. Due to the fact that Canada is a desirable destination for people around the globe, they have rigorous immigration politic. As the number of applications for residency is exponentially rising every year, potential residents must go through a detailed check. You need to be ready to provide private information including:

  • Police records
  • Health history
  • Travel history
  • Information about closest family members
  • CV

Canadian Immigration service will check your compliance with IRPA and possible violations of international and human rights.

After you pass immigration investigation, you will need to apply for the visa. Before this, you need to know the type of residency you are applying for. Because you are moving from LA to Toronto, as US citizen you have several options. If you are having a fresh start in Canada, Permanent Residency would most probably suit you best. Alternatively, if you have a job offer in Toronto, your employer needs to have Labour Market Impact Assessment. With this document, you will be able to apply for working visa. Finally, if you have a direct relative who has permanent residency in Canada, you can get Family Class Sponsorship.

Hiring a moving company

Now that you have all relevant information about life in Toronto, it is time for planning the actual move. This is where you need to be very cautious. If you bring any sudden or unadvisedly decision, it can cost you a lot of money and nerves. In order to prevent that, you will need to dedicate some time for research.

A moving truck on the road

You will need to hire experienced and reliable movers for the upcoming relocation

Hiring a moving company for long distance move like this can be a little bit tricky. In case you know someone who did it before, it would be smart to ask for an advice. Personal experience in situations like these can be priceless. If you don’t know anyone who has experience with moving from LA to Toronto, the internet is your best friend.

If this is the first time you are moving, you should check moving topics on forums and relocation related chat rooms where you will find many useful tips. On the website, you can find all necessary information regarding this undertaking. This includes free price estimation, packing tips and many many more.

Have in mind that you are going to hire a company to move your belongings thousands of miles away. You need your things safe and sound on the road. That is exactly why you need to find experienced and reliable moving agency for the job. Look for the previous customer reviews and overall rating of the company. Even if you are preparing for a last minute move, make sure that movers have all necessary licenses and insurance.


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