Yips and hints for moving to Japan

Moving to Japan – quick and easy tips

Somebody once said that nothing can be compared to the new life that discovery of another country provides for a person. This is true when it comes to talking about moving to Japan! Relocating to this amazing country with a colorful history and culture will give you great possibilities for a fresh start and many career opportunities.

Moving to Japan is an adventure that lets you create a whole new life, choose a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle, make international friendships and even change your career path completely! Fun, isn’t it?! Yes, it is, but if not planned well, all of this can turn into a long and dreading process. Therefore, before packing your suitcases there is some planning to be done! Choosing the professionals to do the heavy lifting and thinking would be the best solution. Having Kokusai Express Moving Japan to help you with your move will make your relocation stress free and let you focus on the career or education opportunities. Transportation, storage and customs clearance are the tasks you need to make sure are being done properly and according to the relations.

Moving to Japan quickly and easily- Planning time!

Plan your move to Japan properly

Make a proper plan for your move to Japan

When preparing for a long distance move the hardest thing is to decide what part of planning to begin with. Avoid common moving mistakes by making a checklist as your moving plan:

  • Find a reliable moving company.
  • Make a packing plan.
  • Make a pre-departure task list.
  • Find the right neighborhood and housing in Japan.
  • Make sure you prepare all necessary documents and respect visa regulations.

Hiring professional movers

Choosing the right movers should be one of your top priorities when moving to Japan. As the moving industry is big, there are a lot of companies to choose from. Therefore you must be careful and ensure all of your belongings travel safely. International Movers in Japan with a global network will make your move fast and easy while minimizing the cost.

Benefits of hiring a professional mover at a glance:

  • Transportation and moving will be taken care of.

Taking some time to choose the best movers will actually save you both time and nerves in the long run.

Finding the right storage option in Japan while being on another continent will be hard.

So, let the professionals help you by finding the solution that will meet your requirements.

  • Customs clearance.

Moving to Japan may mean you will have to get familiar with a lot of rules and regulations, and hiring the professional will save you the trouble.

Moving to Japan, packing time!

Sorry to disappoint you but packing starts much earlier than the boxes arrive. In order to do your packing, for moving to Japan, right you should make a packing plan and stick to a few guidelines.

Pack your items safely

Ask your movers how to safely pack your items


Take your time and start planning ahead!

You should use a planner for making your packing plan. By giving yourself few months for planning you relocation to Japan you will have enough time rethink all of the belongings you want to bring to your new home.

Make an actual packing list!

Use your planner to remind yourself what needs to packed.

Create 3 piles:  pack, trash and donate. This way you will reduce the transportation costs and rethink all of the essentials you need.

Boxes and labeling!

Make sure you have enough boxes and packing materials for your move.

You can lower moving costs by asking your local stores for boxes or checking the free section of websites like Craigslist. Even though this is a money-saving idea make sure your boxes are safe and can support the weight. Therefore, consider buying the boxes for the fragile items.

Also, wrapping your belongings in towels and clothes can be a cost-efficient way of packing. But do keep in mind the trouble of washing and cleaning them after the move.

Label your boxes when moving to Japan! Too many people forget about the importance of properly labeling boxes, suitcases, and trunks. Taking this advice you will be thanking us when it comes the time for unpacking! Using different colors stickers for packing each room will make your, settling in easier after moving to Japan. Make sure you pack the essentials with clear labels so you can access them as soon as you arrive. 

Pre-departure list when moving to Japan

The excitement of planning a fresh start and next steps in your career and family life can get overwhelming. People tend to get carried away and a lot of tasks may be left undone. Avoid this kind of a stress by making a detailed list of pre-departure tasks.

Have canceled all of your subscriptions to your home address? How about the cable or electricity?

Choosing the right housing options when moving to Japan

Moving to Japan - make a checklist to make sure you don't forget something

A checklist helps you don’t forget something while moving to Japan

You need to know that moving to another country like Japan will take some adjustments. Also, keep in mind that, after every relocation, there are always some cultural shocks to consider. Luckily for you, Japanese culture is welcoming. Therefore, Japanese people are polite, respectful and welcoming to foreigners. As this probably sounds like a great and safe environment for raising your family and peaceful living, the next thing you need to think of is finding the right housing.

The stereotype that moving to Japan will mean expensive living is not always true. However, you should probably consider downsizing when moving to another continent. A small apartment may not be the dream house but is will help your budget in the beginning. Bigger cities, like Tokyo, are more crowded and expensive but people tend to move there due to the job opportunities.

Make sure you research the best destinations for moving to Japan before making the final decision!

Visas, laws and regulations

There are many types of visas you can apply to when moving to Japan. And, even though, you can get a working visa before receiving a job offer it allows you to stay in Japan unemployed only up to 90 days! Therefore, consider landing a job position that will guarantee a visa permit before arriving to Japan. There are many websites that could provide you with this kind of a job placement.

Moving to Japan with your pet

In addition to all of the regulations you need to respect, keep in mind that if you consider moving with your pets will require more paperwork.  Therefore, make sure you meet all requirements, and prepare your pets on time when moving to Japan.

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