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How to organize your cross country relocation in a week

The act of moving can be a stressful activity in itself. People move for all sorts of reasons either within their country, to another state in the country or abroad. Wherever you are moving, there is a lot of organization in store for you. Sometimes you have a lot of time at disposal, but sometimes you will have to act quickly. The stress level naturally rises up when you have limited time, and you are now about to relocate and organize your cross country relocation in a week. Don’t worry and stay calm. There are several options that can help you do it without stressing yourself too much.

Make a general list of what you need to do to organize your cross country relocation in a week

You can start by making a framework for your actions noting down the crucial things to resolve. The best way to start is to decide what you want and should do on your own. Everything else can be done by professional movers. Here are things to consider:

  • Things I need to throw away – This is a perfect time to see which items you should throw away before the move. The list usually contains broken or damaged things hidden away around our home. That done, we get a clearer picture of what we have to consider for moving.
  • Things I want to move – Having in mind that you have to organize your cross country relocation in a week, you might change some priorities. When deciding what to take to your new home, decide on the items that have the biggest emotional value for you, and items that cannot be easily replaced. All the rest you can sell online if time allows or donate to charity.
  • Things I want to pack myself – There might be some things that need your personal attention and you want to pack them yourself. These can include various personal documents, letters, photographs, a ‘survival moving bag’ etc., so make a list of such things. You can leave all the rest to professional movers.
  • Hire a renowned moving company – This can be an essential decision. You need a renowned moving company that provides a reliable, professional service. It’s the best choice in the situation when you should organize your cross country move within a week. Their professional advice can make it clearer what steps to make and ensure a stress-free week of planning your move.
 A to-do list that can help you organize your cross country relocation in a week

Making to-do lists can be useful.

Move furniture or not?

Most families decide to move only parts of their furniture. These are either items with emotional value or the unique ones that cannot be easily replaced. They sell the rest of the furniture and buy brand new items for their new home. Since you have to relocate cross country within a week, the best thing you can do is move everything. No need to worry that your furniture will lose its value due to transport. If you hire the best movers in Texas, they will take good care of everything, from packing to delivery, and provide good value for the money. They have their local offices so if you are moving to Fort Worth, for example, and have a list of things to know before moving to Fort Worth, feel free to call the office of the movers you have chosen. You will find out everything you want to know.

Moving to a smaller apartment – what to do with all the furniture?

This question might trouble you in case you are moving to a smaller apartment where you can’t possibly fit in all the furniture you have. On the other hand, the fact that you need to organize your cross country relocation in a week doesn’t allow time to try and sell part of it before you move. You needn’t worry about that, too. Hiring an excellent, reliable moving company such as Evolution Moving Company NB can solve your problem. It can set you free of any headaches in the process, so ask for their assistance.

Organize your cross country relocation in a week – move smartly

Having to relocate cross country within 7 days doesn’t leave enough space to organize packing on your own. This requires time to find packing supplies (boxes and other packing materials which could lower the cost of your move), and pack and seal the boxes. Then, it could be time-consuming to organize friends and colleagues to help you with loading things into the moving truck.

So the best choice is to leave everything to the professional moving company, from providing packing supplies, packing and loading to transporting, unloading and everything else that is required. You might be surprised how this choice can be more cost-effective than trying to organize your cross country move within such a short period of time. In your case, it seems obvious that the dilemma of DIY moving vs. hiring movers has been solved. Move smartly! Treat yourself with a positive, relaxing moving experience.

Moving trucks on the road.

Move smartly – hire a professional moving company.

Pack your moving ‘survival bag’

It’s useful to be prepared for your first day and night in your new home. Everybody has things that one can’t do without even for a day, so it could be a good idea to make your personal list of things to pack in your ‘survival bag’. You might also want to inform yourself better on what you could put in the moving essentials bag, so make a list and tick off the items you pack to make sure you don’t leave something important out because you do have a very short time to organize your cross country relocation.

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Stress-free relocation – time to get to know your new city.

Get to know your new city

You have left the biggest job to a trustful moving company. Now you have more time to enjoy and look forward to meeting your new home in a new city. Spend some time trying to get to know it better. Enjoy!

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