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Signs it’s time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley

After a lot of thinking and sleepless nights, you concluded that you need to change something about your business for it to grow bigger. So you’re thinking of expanding your company to Silicon Valley. California has its perks, that’s for sure. But moving, especially when it comes to moving your company, can be really stressful. So ask yourself, is it really necessary? To help you, we tried to compile all the signs it’s time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley. If you recognize any of them, it’s time to move. Now, let’s begin.

Why Silicon Valley?

The tech center of California. The so-called birthplace of the internet. What better place to relocate your company to? Located in the south of San Francisco, it is home to the headquarters of some of the biggest IT companies – Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook… Some more reasons why Silicon Valley is a good place to relocate to are: investors from Silicon Valley have advantages, growth capital is readily available, geographic concentration has benefits for startups… After all, if it’s good enough for Google, it sure is good enough for your company, right?

Change is never easy

People easily get used to the monotony of life. But, no matter how hard some decisions are, they have to be made to improve yourself or your business. You have to evaluate and ask yourself over and over again. Is your company in the right place?

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Consult with your co-workers

Is this the best location for it? Does your business expand faster than usual? But relocating can easily be the fresh start your business needed. Especially with a little help from Heart Moving. So why not go for it and move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley?

Signs it’s time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley

There are a lot of different signs that your company needs expanding or relocating to another city, or even country. But don’t worry – this can be the perfect opportunity for your business to develop and bloom even more! We have singled out some of the most important ones for you to see if it really is time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley.

Industry is changing

Sometimes, the needs of your business are determined by external factors. That’s why you need to take a look outside of your business, at the current trends in the industry as a whole. How well does your company reflect these trends? If you feel that staying in your current location is hurting your business then it’s time to consider moving to a different location.

Your business is growing

Although some of the most successful businesses started in someone’s home, there comes a time when it needs expanding. Getting that first taste of success motivates most business owners to change their address. And that’s normal because adding a higher lease or mortgage payment requires a certain level of business success.

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Follow the growth of your business!

But once you’ve achieved that level of success, you may find yourself wanting to move your company to a new location. Also, if your business is growing, that means that you’ll probably have to hire more people. Which once again leads to searching for a bigger space and relocating.

You’ve outgrown the existing space or it needs upgrading

If you’re piling things and documents on top of the desks or the floor, and you have to jump over it, maybe it’s time to move to a bigger place. After all, your business may have outgrown the current space, and you may be ready to expand to a new location. But landing a new location can be challenging. For one, it can be expensive to move a business. Just make sure that the new location is a good fit for your business, and that you won’t lose any customers in the process.

And no matter how expensive it might be, it’s best to ask trained people to help you. Though it may sound like a waste of money, it’s not. And it will help you save some time too. Also, if your current working space needs repairs, or you want different features, you’ll want to consider relocating to Silicon Valley.

Your costs are higher than you can afford

No matter how much you earn, sometimes it just isn’t enough. Because in some cases, your expenses can affect your company’s ability to grow and prosper. So you have to move to a different space. Or perhaps the economy has changed enough that you can now afford a bigger place for cheaper rent.

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Don’t overlook the signs

And if you decide to do so, make sure that the new place costs less than your existing one. After all, you don’t want to have the same expenses in your new space as you have in your current one.

Taxes are too high in your current area

As a company owner, the biggest expense you’ll have to cover is your taxes. If the taxes in your existing area are enormously high, that’s the main sign that it’s time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley. Moving to a new area with a lower tax rate is essential. By doing some research, about where the taxes are lowest, you’ll save yourself some, if not, a lot of money. That’s why it’s important to plan and to be prepared.

Do you recognize any of the signs?

As we already said, there are a lot of signs that it’s time to move your NYC IT company to Silicon Valley. And if you recognize any of them, it is your time to go. Prepare everything on time, find help with moving, make a plan. Also, make sure that your business is going upwards constantly. Take your time, study the locations in the Silicon Valley that would suit your company best. And after you’ve done all that, you can be sure that it’s time to move and blossom in the tech center of California.

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