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Stand-up piano moving guide

Moving a piano is a common situation. It can be done because of a move, or you have a concert somewhere. The reason for stand-up piano moving is not important. The important thing is how to move a piano successfully without any damage. For that job, you will need a guide to help you out. Luckily, we have one, the right for your problem.

It is not the most exciting thing you must do, but when it is important you should do it right. You have to be prepared, otherwise, it will be a mess. Pianos are very heavy and large, especially a grand piano. A stand-up piano is smaller and lighter, but yet it is also heavy and large.

Man is playing the piano.

For some people, the piano is their best friend. Also, they are really expensive, so leaving a piano is not an option.

Moving a stand-up piano without a moving company

By reading this guide you can move a stand-up piano by yourself. This type of piano can be anywhere between 300 and 900 pounds. So, they are very heavy. Be careful and fully prepared when you need to move a piano by yourself. Just follow the steps below. Let’s start with preparation.

Ask your strong friends for help!

This is the first step and one of the most important one. You will definitely need assistance transporting a piano. If you do not have friends who can help, the only option is to hire a moving company. But, if you do, you will need at least four of them. They must be strong. It will not be simple, especially if you have obstacles such as stairs. Tell them you must move your piano, and they need to spend at least one hour for that job. 


You will need a couple of friends to accomplish this job. Together you can do it.

The right equipment and clothing

You will need the right equipment for stand-up piano moving. You will need to rent ramps (for loading a piano into a truck and for stairs, if you have them) and a 4-wheel dolly unless you have these items already. Also, you will need straps, but you can buy them in the nearest retail shop. The clothing is important too. You and your friends will need athletic shoes, work gloves, and comfortable and flexible clothes. Do not forget to remove the jewelry, such as rings, long necklaces, and bracelets. Equipment is required when you need to move special items.

Prepare the stand-up piano for moving

A piano must be prepared for moving. That means you must cover up the keyboard because that will protect the keys. If you cannot lock it, use a tape. To protect the whole piano, use a moving blanket and cover the entire piano.

Remove the obstacles and set a ramp

First, create a plan for how you will move the piano. Then remove all the obstacles and clear the path to the exit. Remove the rugs, furniture or anything that will bother you. Also, measure the doors and see if the piano can go through them.

Use a dolly

You should use a 4-wheel dolly to move your piano because it is a much easier way. Moving musical instruments is not easy. Especially if the instruments are heavy (and probably it is). This is where your helpers are necessary.

  • A dolly should be at least half of the piano length. Put a dolly under a piano and on each side of the piano should be one person to hold it. Also, you will need an additional person to open all the doors or to remove the obstacles.
  • The hardest step is to lift the piano and to put it on a dolly. That is why your friends must be strong for stand-up piano moving. So, do a cont 1,2,3, now and lift it together.
  • After lifting, secure the piano with straps to a dolly. When the piano is secured and on a dolly, the hardest job is already done.
  • Roll the piano together to the exit doors. Do it slowly and carefully.
  • If you have stairs, use a stair ramp. One person should be on the top, and at least 2 persons should be in front of, to catch a piano and to hold it.
  • For loading a stand-up piano into a truck, you should also use a ramp.

Placing a stand-up piano into a new home

Now, when you are in front of your new home, you should do everything again, in the same way. Unload a piano from a moving truck using a ramp. Roll it into a new home and place it wherever you want. The process is the same and again you will need your strong friends to help you. It is impossible to move a stand-up piano alone.

Hiring a company for stand-up piano moving

The easiest way for you and your precious piano is to hire a moving company. It is also a safe solution because a moving company already have experience and all the right equipment. Of course, if you choose a good company. One of the best companies stand-up piano moving is Preferred Movers NH. This company has experience with moving a piano and other special services too. They are really best in business. DIY is not for everybody. If you feel that you cannot move your piano, just contact a moving company. And this company is really the best you can choose for your piano.

Stand-up piano moving with a moving truck.

Hire a reliable and experienced moving company for a piano moving and have stress free transportation.

And finally, after stand-up piano moving, you can enjoy and play it in your new home. Whether you are going to hire movers, or you will do it without them, the goal is the same. Move a piano successfully without too many problems and without any damages.

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