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Starting a healthcare private practice in Idaho: step by step

Starting a healthcare private practice is an amazing opportunity to take the practice of medicine into your own hands. And be your own boss! Unfortunately, as much as it’s amazing, it’s also very challenging. In order for your healthcare private practice to be successful, you need a very detailed plan to keep things moving on schedule. Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you when starting a healthcare private practice in Idaho.

Starting a healthcare private practice in Idaho

Before starting your private practice in Idaho, you should do detailed research. You’ll need to secure finances, you also need to check what kind of work permit or licenses you are required to have. You also have to make sure to find a perfect location for your practice and make sure you can provide good service by obtaining the best medical devices. You should also set up a bank account, find an accounting firm and attorney to help you out with legal things.

Make sure you are financially secured

Before starting healthcare practice, you must figure out how to finance this project. How will you acquire the necessary medical equipment? How about finding the proper space for your business? Does your budget cover these expenses? Finally, there are some other expenses like payrolls, medical supplies, professional assistance, and taxes. Thus, you need a solid and in-depth business plan.

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Make sure your finances are in order and that you can afford to start a private practice.

Funding for your healthcare private practice

Here are some of the tips and solutions to help you with funding:

  • Banks – Banks are very common lenders. They usually offer long-term loans for significant investments like acquiring medical devices or purchasing real estate, for example. However, loan application processes can be very long.
  • Small Business Administration loans. The government guarantees for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. They encourage banks to lend and make it easier for your practice to qualify. However, you need some type of proof of income.
  • Alternative solutions – If the practice doesn’t need much money but needs it right away, alternative lenders are the best option. You only have to show three months of bank statements and verifiable income to get approval. These types of loans have a higher interest than traditional ones. However, it is a good solution if you need to obtain the funding quickly.

Building your healthcare private practice

Every healthcare private practice needs proper administrative staff. They are the ones who will handle the scheduling appointments and handling paperwork. When hiring staff, you should take into consideration how patients would respond to potential candidates. Doing a role play with a candidate during a face-to-face interview can help you decide he or she is a good fit for your practice. In case you like someone but still not sure, you can always ask a candidate to spend a paid day at your practice. This will definitely help you determine whether a candidate is fit for the job.

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Make sure you choose the right staff for your private practice!

Must have equipment for your practice

A good healthcare private practice requires modern equipment and tools. Besides medical equipment which is necessary, you will need some type of electronic health record (EHR) system. Other things you might oversee but definitely need are third-party medical billing services and credit card devices. Make sure to create some space for storage, as you need it to store your items.

Finishing touches before the grand opening

One of the necessary steps to take before opening your practice is the incorporation and obtaining an employer tax ID number. Incorporation will help you protect your nonbusiness assets. You should also go through a credentialing process with the payers. This may take a few months and involves a review of work history, proof of malpractice insurance, and verification of hospital privileges.

Practice Policies and procedures for your healthcare private practice

To efficiently run your healthcare practice, you have to create policies and procedures for all staff involved in different areas of your practice. These should include things such as interaction with patients and getting paid for services. You also have to ensure that documentation of regulatory compliance is up to date.


Planing is important. It reduces the stress level and significantly improves your efficiency. Most importantly, having a proper plan is crucial for a successful move. Having professional assistance is the best solution in this case. Make sure to do research and find good professional movers as this will make your relocation so much easier and safer.


Packing, shipping, delivering, and installing medical devices and equipment is very important and complex. Therefore you should handle it with extra care. The best advice we can give is to hire professionals to help you out. These people are not only qualified but also have a lot of experience handling these types of medical equipment. These devices are necessary for your healthcare private practice and this is why the safe transfer is of the utmost importance.

professional movers in front of the truck
Hiring professional movers is one of the best investments you can make!

Hiring professional movers

Like we’ve already mentioned, moving is hard and stressful, let alone moving entire healthcare private practice. There is a lot of things you have to take care of. This is why we always recommend hiring a reliable moving company like Peasley Transfer & Storage to help you out! They offer a broad range of high-quality moving-related solutions. 

You are ready to go

This is it! You are officially ready for relocation and starting a healthcare private practice in Idaho! We provided some of the most important information so make sure to follow this guide and we are sure everything will go smoothly.

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