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10 things Americans get wrong about life in Canada

There is a lot of prejudice among nations today that is mostly incorrect. Sometimes, this kind of things can lead to wrong thinking about a possible new place for living. Because we don’t want that to happen, we compiled a list of 10 things Americans get wrong about life in Canada. So, if you are thinking about moving to Canada this summer, here are some basic facts you should know.

Canada and the USA map

If you want to relocate to Canada from the US, you should learn the right facts

1. Canadian weather is one of the things Americans get wrong about life in Canada

Yes, this is exactly the best starting point for this article! The Canadian weather is not what people might think it is. Although they are short, there are four seasons in Canada. And they are distinct! And, believe it or not, the temperature varies a lot! There are places with freezing cold and scorching heat! So, if you decide you want to move to Canada this year, always have this in mind. Furthermore, you can even pay a lot in order to have proper clothes for these extreme conditions.

Before moving to Canada, you need to think about the places you want to live in. Make sure these places are not in extreme zones. Meaning, there shouldn’t be any extreme cold or heat! One of those places that are very good is Stoney Creek. If you decide to move here this summer, try to find reliable removal company in Stoney Creek! They could make your local move much easier!

City in Canada

Canada weather depends on the city where you will live. The south part is warmer

2. The Capital city of Canada is Ottawa

Believe it or not, people often make this mistake. They either do not know what is the capital of Canada, or they think it is Ontario. Which is one of the things Americans get wrong about life in Canada? Well, if you want to visit Canada as a tourist, then you can skip visiting Ottawa. Because Ottawa is not a major tourist place.

Although Ontario is not the capital of Canada, it is certainly a nice place to live. There are a lot of benefits of moving to Ontario this summer, so think about it and hire your Number 1 Movers Hamilton Ontario before you move!

3. Canadians use the metric system

Like most of the countries in the world, Canada uses the metric system as well. Don’t think just because they are next to America, they would use their system.  But, it is not that hard of a concept to learn. One kilogram equals one thousand grams etc. It is a precise measuring unit that Canadians use. And one of the famous scientists who also used the metric system was Nikola Tesla. He builds the Niagara power plant in 1895 on Niagara Falls. This is one of the interesting facts you can learn about Canada. If you decide to move to another significant place you can hire movers when moving from Niagara Falls this summer!

4. The immigration policy in Canada is very strict

This is one of the things Americans get wrong about life in Canada all the time! Although life here is great, you just can’t decide one day to move. Just pack up your things and move to Canada. The immigration policies for moving to Canada are very strict and you need to pass a lot of tests!

5. No, the Canadians don’t hunt for their food!

One of the common misconceptions Americans have about life in Canada is the need for hunting. No, Canada is not a frozen wasteland where people have to hunt for their food. They do have supermarkets they can get their food from!

6. Canadians tip a lot

Yes, this is a common practice in Canadian salons, taxis, and restaurants. One of the things Americans get wrong about life in Canada is exactly this! But, what makes tipping in Canada that common? Well, servers often earn less than minimum wage. So people often tip them for their services!

7. Americans don’t know anything about Canadian beer

Want to make a Canadian mad? Tell them that Canadian beer is a week and bad! Oh yes, Canadians take pride in their beer manufacturing! And one of the things American get wrong about life in Canada is Canadians love and respect for their beers!

8. No, they don’t know the person you know

A common trait of every American visitor in Canada is to ask if they know some person they met before. No, the Canadians do not know everyone

9. Canada is very progressive

People of all ages, races, nationalities, and religion live here! And they live in peace with each other! So if you plan on moving to Canada anytime soon, leave any type of prejudice behind! It won’t do you any good in Canada, and you just might look like a bad person!

10. Canadians don’t put maple syrup on every piece of food

Yes, this is very true! Although maple syrup is one of the Canadas main products and exports, they don’t eat it that much. It is easy to have this kind of misconception because you can find maple syrup on every corner in Canada. But no, they do not consume it that much.

Canadian flag

Welcome to Canada. If you want to live here, be prepared and organized

There are many things Americans get wrong about life in Canada, and we think we wrote about the funniest ones! Remember, they serve as something to have a good laugh about! People in Canada are nice and welcoming! So if you are thinking about moving to Canada, this summer season is the right time to do it! If you want to add something to our little list, please feel free to do it!

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