expanding your NYC IT company

Things to be aware of before expanding your NYC IT company to California

Having a company means working hard to expand it in order to better your work and earn more money. The IT industry is where a lot of money is as everything is nowadays related to IT. No matter whether you need a website, an online store, or software, you have to turn to IT. Hence why there are a lot of IT companies. But not all of them are expanding. Some want to stay where they are. But we believe that expanding is a great way to make new connections, find new clients, and earn more money while bettering your services. There are a lot of amazing people in California with high IT knowledge which is why we recommend expanding to California. But there are certain things you need to be aware of before expanding your NYC IT company to California and we are here to tell you some of them.

Long-distance commercial relocation is not easy

The first thing you need to know before expanding your NYC IT company to California is that this is not going to be an easy task if moving certain things from NYC to Cali. This is a cross-country move. You have to find the best way to handle this task. And hiring movers certainly is the best way to handle them.

Moving truck.
Long-distance moving has to be handled by a professional moving company.

Moving an office requires a lot of attention

You will certainly be relocating some things from your NYC office to California. And if doing so, you have to look for a practical solution for packing up paperwork, office supplies, and other things. Moving bins are the best to use as they are sturdy therefore easier to carry. Cardboard boxes do not provide as much safety and are not water-resistant.

Find new employees

Before actually expanding your NYC IT company to California, make sure that you are able to find new employees to hire. Even though there are a lot of people in IT living in California, most of them already have stable jobs and will not leave this position for just any job opportunity. You have to make sure that the pay is good for the amount of work the employee will be doing. Be realistic.

Packing supplies

You will have to find appropriate material first in order to pack up your office. You will need these plastic bins surely but you will also need some cardboard boxes. Wrapping paper is necessary as well. Use a bubble pack to secure all fragile items that you might be relocating. Packing tape is a must-have as you will use it to secure the bins after packing them.

cardboard boxes
Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.

Finding an office space

In order to expand your IT company, you have to find an office in California. This at least won’t be a hard task. There are plenty of new office buildings in California where you could rent a floor or the entire building if needed. This is why a lot of people consider California. It is a great state to have a business in!


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