When is the best time to book movers

When is the best time to book movers

Moving is not an easy feat and is usually a stressful one. Being your first move or you already moved several times, it’s not easier and usually, you have more questions than before. But with more experience, you are ready for certain situations. Relocating to a different neighborhood, starting a new life in Hollywood or even moving to Europe all require equal preparation. Good organization is the key to this process and there are many tasks you need to complete before the moving date. The first thing you should do is to find a reliable moving company that will fit your needs. In the article below you will find many tips on how to prepare for this life-changing event. But most importantly, how and when is the best time to book movers.

Preparations for relocation

Good preparation is the key for everything in life. This is why you need to do a proper research on moving companies and what you need for the moving process. Invest a portion of your time to gain valuable knowledge, read up online or obtain information from moving companies directly. We will list a few essentials that should cover a good moving preparation.

  1. Moving date – First, you need a moving date that will determine how much time you have to organize a moving company. Make a moving calendar depending on your free time and give yourself more time to focus on other things.
  1. Moving checklist – Make a moving to-do list that will cover all the things you need to do before the moving date is upon you. If you think upfront and follow a simple checklist you will avoid surprises and make the entire process more convenient.
Checklist is an inevitable part of moving preparations

Make a good moving checklist

  1. Moving budget – You can avoid unnecessary costs by making a moving budget. There is less chance to waste money if you decide on how much you are able to spend in advance. For example, to book movers several weeks upfront will yield very positive results on your moving budget.
  1. Specific needs – You need to decide on how and when you will pack. You also need to be aware of how much packing material you will need and where to find moving boxes. You should inspect both your old and your new house to be aware of the space you have available. If you choose to leave some things behind you can rent a storage unit. There is also an option of donating, selling or throwing away stuff you do not need anymore. Also, if you are moving with children, relatives or pets, be sure to cover their needs as well.

How far in advance to book movers?

The answer to this question is: as soon as you decide and/or as soon as you have knowledge of the destination and the exact date for moving. Ideally, this would be between 2 and 4 weeks if you are moving locally. But if you decide to move across the country, you will need at least 8 weeks to prepare everything.

Best time to book movers

Peak season is from May to September. Let not surprise you if you will be unable to match the availability of the moving company you chose with a moving date of your preference. Also, prices in peak season are higher and most of the top companies are already booked in advance. Keep in mind that if you book movers in advance, you can make a deposit and fix your moving budget. This will secure the best price, date and a high ranked moving company.

Calculate the costs of move before you book movers

Choose to book movers not during the peak season, costs will be lower

Days you should avoid when organizing a move

As we already mentioned summer is considered to be peak season when many people buy new homes. It would be good if you plan your move during autumn or winter. That is the slowest period for the moving industry. Try to avoid national holidays because most of the companies are closed and you will be unable to book movers. Avoid booking at the beginning and the end of the month. There is a possibility that utility bills are not covered, also leases begin and end. You should avoid weekends as well, especially on Fridays. Most of the people decide to move over the weekend since those are usually days off from work.

How to choose the best moving company

After you decided on the moving date you will have to settle with a reliable, yet affordable moving company. It is required to spend some time in research in order to find the most suitable one. You should make a short list of top companies and contact them to obtain and provide the information you need.

Things you need to know when hiring a moving company

If you contact movers well in advance, you can lower costs and deposit for scheduling a move. You need to know in advance how much does it cost to move home, so you can adjust your budget. Gather prices and offers and compare companies. Most important is to check if a company is licensed and if they have insurance that will cover unfortunate events. You may compare experiences by reading their websites. Get more knowledge on customer service by researching movers in detail. This process will narrow down your choice and you will be able to book movers easily.

Find a professional moving company for your moving day

It is important to choose the right moving company

Working out the logistics before you book movers

You need to ask questions and provide information in order to avoid misunderstanding. Movers need to be aware of the complexity of the job and assess if they have all the equipment that you require. It is essential to mention in case you possess delicate items that need special care, like antiquities. Equally important is to mention if there are bulky items like pool tables or pianos. Those items need special tools, more space and require extra labor. Also, the movers need to know the distance between homes and if they have a proper vehicle for the journey. Size of the vehicle matters the most and of course if they can approach the loading area. Those are some of the things that need to be communicated in advance when you are about to book movers.

What if you need to move at the last minute?

You are in a dire situation where you need to move within a week or a couple of days? Do not worry, you still have options with last-minute movers. However, it is still important to do proper research of the moving companies. Make a quick checklist and contact movers as soon as possible. Do not wait for the last moment and try not to panic. It is important to be free of stress and try to stay healthy when moving. There will be fewer options for sure. But contact few companies and do not use the first one you call. Give yourself some time to do research before you decide and book movers.

It is possible to book movers at the last minute

Last minute moving

Above we mentioned the essential things you need to know when you are setting a date and preparing for a move. We hope that it will be of great use when you set the date and book movers. We wish you the best of luck in new chapters of your life.

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