How to make your move eco-friendly?

How to make your move eco-friendly?

Whether move just across town or across the country, relocation is a very intensive process. The one that has a tool on you, but also at our environment. It involves a lot of organizing and planning. That’s why many people forget to take precaution and diminish their carbon footprint when they are relocating. Sure, it’s another pesky thing to think about. Luckily, it’s not that hard to move eco-friendly. You just have to know how to do it and to make better choices.

 Recycled packing materials are your ally

Before you start packing for the big moving day, you have to gather all your packing supplies. Still, some of the best packing materials can cause a lot of harm to the environment. Like plastic – number one pollution material to the oceans. In order, to move eco-friendly, you’ll have to limit their usage or avoid them altogether. Be creative and think about the ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle. You can use suitcases, reusable crates and tubs, and packing vessels you already own instead of the plastic bins and cardboard boxes. Surely, you will need a few of those, but be sure to recycle every cardboard box that you use for the move.
Stay away of the plastic if you want a eco-friendly relocation

Plastic is one of the worst enemies of the environment.

Instead of the plastic wrapping, take advantage of your towels, clothes, blankets and your clothes. Wrapping fragile item in that sort of materials will be beneficial in multiple ways. You won’t use the materials that are harmful to the environment, and you will save some space when packing. Check if somebody you know has a stash of gently boxes that they don’t need and that you can reuse. If you are using a moving company that is eco-friendly, like Purple Heart Moving Group, they probably have crates that you can rent. Of course, if you’re using their packing services, you don’t have to worry about the packing supplies. They will be your mover’s responsibility, just point out that you want to move eco-friendly so that they can focus on that kind of packing supplies.

Say no to packing peanuts in order to move eco-friendly

Let’s be honest – packing peanuts is one of the safest ways to protect your belongings when moving. Still, styrofoam is also a big enemy to the environment. On the other hand, you have to protect your belongings during transport. Good news is that there’s a biodegradable peanut made out of cornstarch. It provides the same protection as its eco harming cousin, and it dissolves in water.  It’s a great option when you plan to move eco-friendly.

Declutter your home

One of the best packing tips is to declutter your home before you start to prepare your boxes. When you have a smaller amount of the things to move, you will need a smaller moving vehicle. Smaller moving truck on the road means less environmental contamination. If you like the sound of that, then it’s time for decluttering your home. Moving is the perfect time to go through your home and get rid of the unnecessary objects. It’s when you can finally say goodbye to the last season’s clothes, the books you’re never going to read, or those end tables that you didn’t like in the beginning.Even if a desire to move eco-friendly isn’t that important to you, any relocation requires this step. Especially if you are moving far away since the total weight of your belongings is in the direct link with the costs of your move. Decluttering of your home is also important when you’re moving locally. Just ask some of the local moving professionals in Hallandale Beach how much you can profit from having fewer things to relocate.

Don’t throw it away – donate the things that you don’t need

After understanding why decluttering is the vital part of your eco-friendly move, it’s time to start with it. That is an essential step when preparing for the move. Still, try not to harm the environment while you do that. That means only throwing away the things that really nobody can have use from. Try to donate as many things that you can. Or earn some money while doing this process, by organizing a yard sale. Give away the things that you don’t need to the local charity organization or sell them to the second-hand store. Most of them will give you the receipt and with it, you can claim the tax deduction. With the clutter out of the way, you can On the other hand, decluttering is liberating and kind of cleansing. Also, the unpacking process will be so much easier when you have less stuff.
Move eco-friendly by not throwing your things in the trash.

Donate or sell your unwanted things on the yard sale or flea market.

Don’t forget to recycle

When you want to move eco-friendly, recycling doesn’t just involve cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. There is a lot of household goods that can be recycled as well, like electronics and batteries. Of course, you can’t just throw these in the recycling bin. Take some effort and take them to a special center instead just tossing them into the trash. Here are some common recyclable household items:
  • Batteries. They contain toxic substances that can leak and contaminate nearby waterways, if not dispose of correctly. Almost every local post office or library usually have a recycling center for batteries, so take them there.
  • Electronics. Don’t let that old PC that is collecting dust in your basement to end up in the trash. Cords and electronics should be taken to the local resource recovery centers for proper recycling. If it still works, you can donate it to the Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity – they will find a good use for it.
  • Appliances. Old appliances that you don’t want to use anymore should also be recycled properly. These kinds of objects often contain lead and other harmful substances that are devastating to the environment.
  • Paint Cans. You probably have some open cans of paint, stain, and varnish that you won’t use anymore. Many resource recovery centers will gladly recycle those.
Move eco-friendly by not throwing your things in the trash.

Batteries are very toxic to the environment.

Think green when cleaning

You will have to clean your current home, and your new one when relocating. If you really want to move eco-friendly, don’t forget to take care of the cleaning products that you’ll be using. Focus on environmentally friendly cleaning products. Use the items from your pantries – vinegar and lemon are the amazing helpers when it comes to cleaning your home. When you don’t want to bother with cleaning yourself, hire the eco-friendly cleaning service and make sure that they are using only the chemical-free and environment safe cleaning supplies.

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