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Moving to New Jersey from Hollywood

Moving to New Jersey from Hollywood can come as a bit of a shock. You are leaving the big city life behind for a calmer environment. You might feel that from now on nothing interesting is going to happen.However, this is not true.New Jersey has a lot to offer and there are so many interesting places to visit. So its time to move and explore New Jersey. Get packing with the help of the best packing services NJ has to offer, hire your perfect movers and let’s get started with your new life in New Jersey. We are going to give you reasons why New Jersey is a great place to move to. You will also be able to read about some of the best places to visit here.

Why moving to New Jersey is a great idea

New Jersey is a wonderful place with a lot of charms. It is not as luxurious or exclusive as Hollywood, but it has its qualities. It is a calmer, cheaper and more relaxed place to live. Living here has its unique perks which we are going to mention.

moving to New Jersey

After moving to New Jersey you will discover its beauties

You will be able to afford more space

Living and renting in Hollywood is quite expensive, so you can not get a lot of space for your bucks. In New Jersey, you will get more space for your money. Imagine affording a house with one or two extra rooms and still saving money. Well, in Jersey this is possible. Bergen County is especially spacey and affordable. Keep all of your possessions in the best storage units Bergen County has to offer and start looking for your perfect accommodation.

There are peace and quiet

In Hollywood, you were probably constantly surrounded by city noises.Traffic noises can drive you crazy.When you open your home window in New Jersey you will hear the birds, children playing and other pleasant sounds. It is guaranteed that here you will find some peace and quiet. The environment here is also very family friendly. Your kids will be safe and happy.

Schools are great

Schools in New Jersey are great.There are some of the best rating schools in the nation. Students achieve outstanding results on tests and competitions. New Jersey has five out of 100 best schools in the USA.

Nature is all around

New Jersey has a lot of wonderful natural landscapes. They call this state ‘Garden State’ and this is probably because of the wonderful nature. Parks and reservations are abundant.You should visit Great Swamp Natural Wildlife Refuge, South Mountain Reservation, and Greenwood Gardens.

New Jersey doesn’t lack culture

New Jersey is not all Jersey Shore and the Sopranoes. Moreover, there is plenty of culture out here. If you love theater plays you can visit the Paper Mill Playhouse. Its location is Millburn and it is a Tony-award winning theater. You can listen to some great jazz at Shanghai Jazz in Madison. It is on the list of 100 best jazz clubs in the world.

You will find great bars and restaurants and never pump gas again

There are so many wonderful bars and restaurants you can go to after you safely move to New Jersey. Restaurants like Lorena’s in Maplewood and Sacalini Fedelli are a must visit.They are authentic and will offer you delicious food.New Jersey has great ethnic restaurants and diners and you can find them at Moreover, amazing diners are everywhere. In addition, you will get the best gas pumping service.The law in this state forbids you to pimp your own gas. So, you will never have to leave your car to do that again.Talk about life made easy.

pump fuel in New Jersey

After moving to New Jersey you will never pump gas by yourself again

 Best places to visit after moving to New Jersey

After moving to New Jersey from Hollywood you will not lack wonderful places to visit. There are wonderful seaside places, parks, and reservations that offer natural beauties.Cultural places like museums and theaters will leave you satisfied. We will suggest five best tourist attractions worth seeing.

The Broadwalk in Atlantic City

Atlantic city is a famous coastal resort and Broadwalk is the most famous attraction here. Broadwalk is a promenade that is four miles long and was built in the 1870s. You can cycle down it because there are rental bikes. And don’t forget to visit the Entrance to the Stars where you will find handprints of celebrities.

Broadwalk in New Jersey

Visit the wonderful Broadwalk in Atlantic city

Cape May

This place in Delaware Bay has a long and rich history. Its Victorian style houses are especially interesting. Six US presidents had vacation homes here. In addition, you can visit the Cape May Point Lighthouse that was built in 1859 and you al also go on a cruise where you can spot whales and dolphins.

Cape May in New Jersey

You will love the Victorian style houses in Cape May

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Thomas Edison was born here and that is why you get to visit his home and laboratory that is now a museum. You will visit places where he invented movie cameras, batteries, and sound recordings. In addition, his house is a 29 room mansion, so you will definitely have a blast.

Grounds for Sculpture

This fascinating sculpture paradise is something you mustn’t miss if you are in New Jersey because it will leave you speechless. This art park and museum is on 42 acres ground and is perfect for art and nature lovers. Moreover, it is the home of hundreds of contemporary sculptures, paintings and other works of art. In addition to classical American paintings and sculptures, you will also see Native American and African exhibits.

Grounds for Sculptures,New Jersey

Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey is just magical

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This wonderful reservation takes up the surface of 70 000 acres.

  • You will love Millbrook Village because it is a recreation of a town from the 19th century and you can see traditional artifacts and crafts.
  • At Kittatinny Point Visitor Center you can enjoy many exhibits and magnificent views and you can access the Appalachian Trail.
  • At the Minisink Archaeological Site, you can see remains of a settlement that is 10 000 years old. Here you can get active in nature and try camping, fishing or kayaking.

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