Can you pack for a move in one day? Here's the Hollywood edition guide!

How to pack for a move in one day: Hollywood edition

Moving house is a process which usually takes more than a month. However, from time to time, there is that relocation made in a pinch. Perhaps you’ve just received a job offer and need to go to a new city in a short time. Or, you’ve finally found the perfect home which you’ve been looking for and it’s now or never. Regardless, in these types of quick moves normally comes one more thing: packing in a jiffy. With LA being one of the most popular spots for expats in the recent years, we’ve decided to help you out with this fast decision. So, here’s the Hollywood edition of a how to pack for a move in one day manual.

First things first, get some proper supplies for your 24 hour Hollywood packing challenge

For people who will be reading out tips on packing for Hollywood moving, there’s time to think and consider which supplies to get. However, since this will be a rush order on everything we’d suggest the quickest option. If you’re hiring a moving company for the relocation, see if you can get some supplies as a package deal with a discount. Often, it’s cheaper to rent them from the professionals and they are sure to be sturdy and well-kept. However, if you’re looking to save some cash due to LA’s infamous expensive day-to-day life, get free ones. Visit the local Walmart and see if they’ve got some extra cardboard boxes. Make sure that they are sturdy before bringing them home. Finally, it’s time to break out the spare sheets and some sharpies for labeling.

Then, you need to learn the ‘three pile’ method in order to pack for a move in one day

This is a famous method which you’ve likely heard of before. If you want to reduce stress when moving to Hollywood, this is the way. Start by sorting all of your belongings into three piles. They should include:

  • I will keep this – you need it. All of these items are necessary for you on a daily basis. They should definitely enter the boxes if you plan to pack for a move in one day. Be sure not to close these containers, though. You may need some before you relocate to Los Angeles.

    While things in LA are expensive, do you actually need everything from your closet?

    Which clothes from your closet do you actually need in your new Hollywood home?

  • I don’t need this – the donate pile. A great way to save money during relocation is by selling or donating. You will surely come across quite a few items which you don’t need for Hollywood. If they’re in good condition, sell them or give them away. A garage sale is possible with a few neighbors, even when moving in a rush. But, don’t throw away everything. LA is expensive. Consider if you should find storage for the moving day in Hollywood for a few things.
  • Why do I have this? – the trash pile. This can simply go straight out the door. Don’t even bother packing it in anything more than a trash bag in order to save time. It’s vital that you don’t bring unnecessary weight with you. It will serve no purpose and only waste money.

Next, it’s time to start the pack and purge method: from the kitchen onward

While using the decluttering method which we’ve mentioned above, it’s time to start packing from room to room. In order to get ready to relocate to Hollywood in 24 hours, you will need to maintain order. Start from the kitchen. It’s definitely among the most difficult to pack due to the numerous appliances. You will need some time to dismantle them and pack them properly. Be sure that you’re using enough padding, so that everything remains safe. It’s also a good idea to purchase extra moving insurance. Finally, as you keep going, head from room to room. It’ll be easy to pack for a move in one day if you have a system. Not to mention that unpacking once you settle down in Hollywood will be a breeze.

Labeling is important, even when you’re packing in a day for a Hollywood relocation

Even when moving to Hollywood in a span of 24 hours be sure to label properly.

Even in a hurry to get to LA, be sure that you’re labeling properly.

Most people believe that labeling and meticulous list-keeping is a waste of time. Though, we assure you that it will be essential after you’ve arrived to LA. Labeling allows for your movers to bring the correct boxes into the right rooms immediately. It also lessens the chaos after the relocation when you attempt to find your things in different containers. So, in order to prevent the afterwards mess we’d suggest some good old labeling. Here’s some advice:

  • Color code – one per room. If you want to pack for a move in one day figure it out beforehand and start writing. You can purchase colored tape in a local store, as well. It will make your Hollywood move much faster.
  • List everything – it saves money. You know your possessions best. As a general rule of packing, like goes with like. Simply write the contents on the outside of the box. For example, it could go like this: First drawer of bedroom closet. You know what’s in there, right? This way, you’ll find it easily after moving to Hollywood.

Finally, we have some more tips on how to pack for a move in one day before heading to Hollywood

Have you properly packed your Hollywood essentials bag?

Do you have your essentials ready for the move to Hollywood?

Now that you’ve got the basics of quick packing down, the rest should be easy. In the end, we want to give you a few hacks. You can use these in order to prepare for your Hollywood move quickly. Here are some of the most useful tips:

  • Call for some help. Your friends and family can help you pack for your Hollywood relocation
  • Clothes can be left on hangers. From the bottom up, put them in a trash bag and tie it at the necks of the hangers. Quick to pack and easy to unpack.
  • Bags and suitcases are free moving boxes. Often people forget to use all of their resources when packing in a hurry. Remember fill your suitcases when you pack for your relocation to Hollywood.
  • Have an overnight bag. No matter the hurry, you will need your essentials with you. Be sure that you’ve got them prepared in a bag to take with you.

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