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5 Common moving myths debunked

When doing anything in life, usually it’s good to be prepared and to get all of the information you can. When preparing for your next big move, you can here a lot of different stories. A lot of different opinions and experiences people have gone through. However, while some of these stories are true, some are completely false. So, here are the 5 most common moving myths debunked. This way, you’ll be able to have the more realistic picture of the process that you’re about to go through.

5 most common moving myths debunked

Remember, if some people had a certain experience, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have the exact experience with the same thing. Also, the question is if they had that experience in the first place. You know how every story gets distorted after being told too many times. For this reason, here are some of the most common misconceptions about moving.

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You shouldn’t believe everything you hear

1. Thinking that a DIY move is necessarily cheaper

A lot of people still decide to go for a DIY move. And the most common reason is that they believe that it’s cheaper that way than by hiring a moving company. But does that really true, is DIY move necessarily cheaper? It absolutely doesn’t have to be, if you consider all of the costs. These are some of the usual costs that you probably haven’t thought off:

  • Hiring a moving truck
  • Paying for road tolls, parking permits, and other expenses
  • Buying moving equipment, ropes, boxes, and other equipment and supplies

2. Every moving company is the same

This is probably the most harmful of all the common moving myths. All the moving companies are definitely not the same and you should remember that. You don’t want to learn it the wrong way, which is basically by finding out what a bad moving company is like. Remember, if you hire cheap movers, you might not be doing yourself a favor. Actually, your financial loss might be much bigger than you could’ve predicted.

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Wanting to save money, you might end up losing more

3. Any moving box is fine since they’re all the same

If you believe in this, then your next question is probably how many moving boxes you’ll need for your move. But, it’s not only a matter of quantity but also of quality, as not all moving boxes are the same. Not only are some moving boxes bigger of smaller, but they come in different materials. Some are sturdier than others, and that’s why they’re more suitable for protecting your belongings. As you see, you should choose the best option for you.

4. The weekend is the best time for moving

A lot of people choose to move during the weekend because it’s convenient for them. But does it mean that it’s also the best time for moving, in general? Well, not really. When choosing to move during the weekdays, movers might give you special discounts and offers. And, that’s also the case when moving offseason. You can get a really good price from your movers if you choose to move when people aren’t usually moving.

5. Mover will relocate everything

It makes sense that movers won’t relocate dangerous items, like guns for example. However, there are other items that movers won’t relocate. There are also specialty items, and not all movers relocate them. So check in with the specific movers if all of your items are suitable for relocation.

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Keep in mind that these are only the 5 most common moving myths. In order to get a good picture, try to find more information and don’t believe everything you see.

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