Best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood for newcomers.

Best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood for newcomers

You’ve just moved to Hollywood and the opportunities are endless.
Although life in LA has its pros and consthe best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood are just within your reach.

It’s the Mecca of the hottest restaurant scenes, and it has every kind of food that you are craving.

Los Angeles is a city with vast gastronomy specialties. Here food trend shifts daily, but sushi never goes out of style.

The best Japanese restaurants are located in Hollywood.

Hollywood has the best Japanese restaurants in America.

If you are a sushi lover, then you know that there are a lot of options for this dish. If you never tried it before, your new neighborhood is the perfect place for that.

Before you enter the enchanting world of Japanese cuisine, there is some information that you have to know about it.

What is sushi?

Sushi is a dish that contains two essential ingredients:

  • Shari – boiled rice with rice vinegar
  • Neta – additions to rice such as raw fish or seafood.

Additions in sushi can be very diverse, but the most important thing that makes sushi is shari.  A bowl of tamari sauce, wasabi, and ginger on the side are usually served with sushi.

. Sushi can be presented in different shapes, and every form has its own name:

  • Nigiri
    Nigiri is a shari rice pressed by hand into a square shape, with some addition on the top – a piece of the fresh fish, shrimp, or a piece of the tamaga (scrambled egg). Addition can’t be bigger than the shape of the rice, and this kind of sushi is meant to be eaten by hand.
  • Maki rolls
    Maki roll is a cylindrical roll made of shari and additional ingredients, wrapped with seaweed, thin slices of the cucumber or soy paper. This is the most famous sushi shape.
  • Chirashi or chirashizushi
    Nickname for this dish is „sushi all over the place“. It is a totally different look, but it is a kind of sushi – it contains shari and a lot of additions throw together in a bowl.
  • Californian rolls
    This is a Western version of the Japanese sushi. It’s ideal for the vegetarians and vegans, and also the ones who can’t bring themselves to try the raw fish. Californian roll is a maki roll filled with a piece of cucumber, avocado, crab meat and more often, the imitation of the crab meat. Lots of restaurants make their own variations of the Californian rolls and get creative with the fillings – they put the tofu, goat cheese, even fruit. Best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood have some of the most inventive Californian rolls in the world.

Sashimi is not a sushi

At the Japanese restaurant, you will find the sashimi on the menu. Sashimi is very different than the sushi. If you order sashimi, you will get peace of the raw fish, without the rice or any other addition.

Sashimi is a raw fish without sushi rice.

Sashimi is a raw fish, without shari (sushi rice).

The best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood

Once you know all there is to know about the most popular Japanese delicacy, you can start to find the best places to try it.

While you were checking out the most interesting places in your new neighborhood, you probably notice that there is a lot of restaurants to choose from.

So you don’t get overwhelmed, we’ve chosen the best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood, by the recommendation of the website TripAdvisor.


Restaurant Monkitail is a hip new restaurant with the beautiful ambiance. High ceiling and leather boots are giving it the sense of luxury and glamour. There are no oriental elements that you may expect from the restaurant that serves Asian cuisine, but that’s the part of its charm.

Celebrity and famed chef Michael Schulson have made the perfect fusion of the two worlds – comfortable dining area with the amazing food from the Far East.

The menu is eclectic and contemporary, featuring shareable small plates and sushi as well as an array of specialty cocktails and sake. If you like a high-class dining experience and the delicious food that renowned chef is preparing with care, then this is the place for you.


Restaurant Kuro is a part of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and it’s their newest culinary sensation that has taken over the Hollywood.

Here you can try the dishes of the modern, new style Japanese kitchen. For preparing the amazing dishes, this restaurant uses the ingredients that are both imported directly from Japan and locally sourced.

The restaurant ambiance of is totally chic and it’s a competition to the best world restaurants. There is no doubt that dining here is a unique and worthy experience.

Modern sushi serving in the best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood

Modern sushi serving in the Japanese restaurants in Hollywood.


Red Thai & Sushi is a typical Asian restaurant. Its interior is full of the elements that exude tradition. There’s a statue of Buddha, lots of lanterns, golden details, red walls, and origami chandeliers.

Vast selection of the Thai food and a long list of sushi may cause you a problem while deciding what to order.

This restaurant provides authentic atmosphere and blends of the finest and freshest ingredients available, as well as traditional Thai and Japanese cooking methods.


Sushi ‘n Thai restaurant is a small and cozy place. This place maybe doesn’t have a glamorous atmosphere, but it is friendly and pleasant. You will feel just like at home.

What’s most important, the food here is divine. The menu is a combination of Thai and Japanese cuisine. All dishes are prepared by the traditional recipes. Every dish is made with love and great skills.
Interesting flower arrangements on the plate really makes it stands out from the other restaurants of this type.

Whether you are coming for the first time or you’re a regular guest, you will always feel welcome. Visit this restaurant, and you will feel more like a local in your new neighborhood. Also, eating your first sushi here will be an unforgettable experience.

Now you know which are the best Japanese restaurants in Hollywood. Start exploring and enjoying the amazing fusion of tastes that they can provide.

Bon Appetit!

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